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UK government should combine network infrastructure plans, urge telecoms groups

Department of Energy & Climate Change
Plea to pool funds for broadband, energy and health networks
10 Nov 2011

Increase to mobile coverage obligation moves nearer

Mobile phone mast
MP behind May Commons debate encouraged by progress on increasing coverage from 95 to 98 per cent
10 Nov 2011

Ofcom infrastructure report reveals fast broadband winners and losers

An Ofcom logo
Northern Ireland tops fast broadband league, while Wales gets wooden spoon
02 Nov 2011

BT speeds up fibre broadband rollout

Telco is recruiting more engineers in bid to hit its fast broadband target one year early
31 Oct 2011

Europe's super-fast broadband bill could top €200bn

The cost of upgrading Europe's broadband networks will dwarf the amount pledged so far
27 Oct 2011

Telecom World Conference: ITU and Broadband Commission launch global broadband targets

A league table will be produced annually
25 Oct 2011

Europe promises €10bn superfast broadband support

Commission wants to help private firms lower the risk of broadband upgrades
20 Oct 2011

Why we should never take broadband for granted

Anyone who thinks we’re entering a golden age of ubiquitous broadband needs their head checked
12 Oct 2011

BT faces criticism for revised duct and pole access prices

A backlash from other network operators prompted BT to revise its January draft prices
07 Oct 2011

Glasgow Housing Association to embark on £20m broadband rollout

30,000 Glaswegian homes to get broadband over the next three years
07 Oct 2011

UK is playing a dangerous game

04 Oct 2011

New network to save Transport for Greater Manchester £300k per year

Fully managed ADSL network will help improve congestion and safety across the Greater Manchester area
22 Sep 2011

Chief treasury secretary widens target for broadband coverage

Danny Alexander tells delegates at Lib Dems' annual conference that government target of broadband coverage for 90 per cent of the country will be upped to 100 per cent
19 Sep 2011

Culture secretary urges mobile operators to ditch differences ahead of 4G auction

Hunt also criticised the time it takes to establish prices for access to BT’s ducts and poles
15 Sep 2011

CBI and KPMG give UK's digital infrastructure thumbs up

However road, rail, waste and energy all need investment for the future
12 Sep 2011

Ofcom gives white space the green light

Regulator won't insist on licences for white space wireless devices
01 Sep 2011

Three to give villages free mobile broadband

Operator is working with Countryside Alliance and Race Online to tackle 'not-spots', but some question its motives
30 Aug 2011

Scotland told to "cheer up" about broadband funding

Scottish secretary Michael Moore tells the Scottish government to be more upbeat about broadband funding
23 Aug 2011

Hertfordshire cuts costs and boosts speed with new broadband network

Network specialist Updata will provide Hertfordshire's schools with faster broadband
16 Aug 2011

English broadband bonanzas unveiled

Final allocations for broadband upgrades in England
16 Aug 2011

Northern Ireland gets £4.4m to help fund broadband rollout

This compares with the £56.9m awarded to Wales
15 Aug 2011

BT broadband rollout is too patchy, says IT chief

IT manager for development company Berkeley Group Holdings Doug Legge suggests parts of the UK will end up as “walled gardens”
29 Jul 2011

Lancashire County Council aims to raise £60m to support fast broadband rollout

It hopes to have a superfast network in place by 2014
26 Jul 2011

Lincolnshire councils prepare joint bid for broadband rollout

North and North-East Lincolnshire Councils aim to achieve 30Mbit/s for 100 per cent of customers
26 Jul 2011