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Top 10 news stories of the week: BPM is dead, coders are dead and soon the cloud will kill the rest of us anyway

It might be a few days until Halloween, but IT industry news this week had a definite theme of horrible demise. But which sepulchral story proved the most popular?
24 Oct 2014

Betfair rejects SAP, Oracle and Workday in favour of Fairsail for HR

Horse racing in front of Betfair signs
Fairsail HRIS "a quarter of the price" per year compared to "not fit for purpose" SAP solution
20 Oct 2014

Betfair puts its money on VMware’s stack ahead of Cisco’s UCS

Betfair’s CIO tells Computing that the firm would have bet differently if they went through the VMware transition again
27 Feb 2014

Betfair CIO: Shortage of VMware skills meant we had to cross-train staff

When systems integrator 2e2 went bust, Betfair decided to do the job in-house
25 Feb 2014

Customer perspective: Jaguar Land Rover and Betfair on why they chose VMware

Betfair's head of architecture believes Amazon will be the best option in the future
09 May 2013

Autonomy founder Mike Lynch makes new investment in Featurespace

Former Autonomy CEO puts his fortune to good use
13 Jun 2012

Betfair selects Unica to improve marketing capabilities

Betting website says it will benefit from a multi-channel system
25 May 2012

Betfair boosts revenue with Oracle analytics

Real-time decision analytics tool helps online betting site maximise revenue by offering personalised content to users
08 Feb 2012

Index Ventures to pump £429m into EU tech companies

Firm will make an equity investment of between €10m and €50m in chosen businesses
10 Nov 2011

Betfair invests in new tech to get its message overseas

Online betting firm invests in the Progress SonicMQ messaging platform to aid international expansion
21 Jun 2011

Betfair picks PEER 1 for peak demand

Online sports bookmaker hopes to satisfy demand
10 Jun 2010

Video Q&A: Tony McAlister, CTO, Betfair - Part two

On the future of IT leadership and advice to aspiring technology leaders - part two of a two-part interview
05 Nov 2009

Video Q&A: Tony McAlister, CTO, Betfair - Part one

On changing the skills development strategy at the online gambling firm - part one of a two-part video interview
05 Nov 2009

Betfair goes on global talent trek

The online gaming company’s CTO, Tony McAlister, tells Computing how he plans to nurture IT talent both at home and abroad
29 Oct 2009

Ex-Betfair CTO takes over IT at Yell

Rorie Devine takes over IT strategy at online directories firm
10 Aug 2009

Set your sites higher

IT leaders at the cutting edge of e-commerce talk about the strategies and technologies they are using to beat the recession by forging stronger bonds with customers and opening up new business opportunities
30 Jun 2009

Betfair places its bets on new CTO

The online gambling firm's new IT chief Tony McAlister talks about his plans to build a mobile strategy and expand globally, in his first interview
05 Mar 2009

Betfair hopes to hit IT skills jackpot

Online gambling business will take advantage of wave of redundancies in the IT sector
05 Mar 2009

Betfair appoints new IT chief

Gambling firm ends six-month search for chief technology officer
19 Dec 2008