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Barclays offers customers anytime mobile video banking service

'UK first' will see bank customers able to speak to an advisor from smartphones, tablets or laptops at any time
01 Dec 2014

Software-defined data centres ‘the only way’ to provide IT as a service

Milton Keynes datacentre
Panel discussion at Computing's Data Centre & Infrastructure Summit concludes that the future of the data centre is virtual
26 Sep 2014

No more snowflakes - why enterprise application design needs to change in the age of cloud

No more snowflakes why enterprise application design needs to change in the age of cloud
Unique, fragile and impossible to reproduce, traditional enterprise applications will soon be left out in the cold, says Rory Barr, Barclays
26 Sep 2014

Top 10 IT news stories of the week: Barclays wants to read your veins, the BBC thinks you're a filthy pirate and a little-known company released a new mobile phone...

Only one thing could push security off the top this week when a little-known company released a new mobile phone...
12 Sep 2014

Barclays unveils blood-reading authentication technology for corporate banking clients

'It’s very, very simple, yet it's very, very secure,' bank says of vein authentication technology
05 Sep 2014

Small businesses convinced they won't be cyber attack targets have 'heads in the sand'

Britain's small businesses woefully under prepared to protect themselves against hackers, claims Kaspersky Labs
18 Jul 2014

Barclays raids Australia's Commonwealth Bank to hire Michael Harte as chief operations and technology officer

Barclays steals Commonwealth Bank's CIO to fill top IT role in London
01 May 2014

Barclays' customer details stolen and “sold” for £50 per file to City brokerage

27,000 files of customers to Barclays' financial planning arm stolen and sold to City brokerage
10 Feb 2014

HSBC, Nationwide, Santander to offer Zapp mobile payments

Zapp users can pay by asking the retailer for a six-digit code, or using NFC or QR technology
15 Jan 2014

Liam Fox MP : 'Exploiting big data is a massive economic opportunity'

Fox urges universities and industry to ensure that the UK is the first nation to profit from big data potential
28 Nov 2013

Banks ordered to bolster cyber defences by FPC

'Concrete plan' by banks to handle cyber attacks to be handed to Financial Policy Committee in six months
02 Oct 2013

Eight arrested over £1.3m cyber-raid on Barclays bank branch

Attacker posed as an IT engineer to plant keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) switch with 3G modem in Barclays branch
20 Sep 2013

'Without Splunk we might be taken out of the market,' says Barclays

Head of security services praises Splunk for helping it comply with regulations
19 Apr 2013

Barclays’ own cloud technology 'will slash 90 per cent of IT costs'

Bank is also starting to use the Linux operating system
07 Jan 2013

Opinion: Barclays saga highlights banking's scandalous neglect of the tech sector

Funding technology innovation is a better route to profits for banks, argues investment expert
29 Jun 2012

Barclays develops internal app store

Retail bank aims to increase productivity by enabling staff to work and communicate via apps
17 Feb 2012

Barclays rolls out tablets following successful trial

Retail arm of banking giant plans to deploy devices to all customer-facing staff
14 Feb 2012

IT in retail 3: How to cash in on contactless payment

Contactless payment technology must be integrated with a wider mobile commerce strategy if it is to deliver a healthy return on investment
21 Sep 2011

Barclays standardises on Infoblox

Barclays Capital has rolled out a new IP address management platform
20 Jul 2011

Barclaycard and Orange partner on mobile payments

Quick Tap service will allow customers to make purchases of £15 or less by tapping their mobile handset against a contactless reader
20 May 2011

Barclays banks on master data management

Head of data quality and profiling Saul Judah explains how the bank went about implementing MDM
07 Feb 2011

Barclays cuts costs through improved data management

Master data management project has also led to fewer customer complaints and increased staff productivity
03 Feb 2011

Banks report a big increase in contactless transactions

Monthly contactless payments increase by over 200 per cent since January
03 Nov 2010

Barclays admits system crash could happen again

Crash affected online, telephone banking and ATMs on Saturday
24 Aug 2010