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Public cloud in 2014: same old pros, same old cons?

Warning sign against cloud backdrop
Computing polled hundreds of IT leaders about their attitude to, and experience of, public cloud services. John Leonard analyses the responses
22 Oct 2014

Hybrid tablets 'not ultimate destination, but still a place we’ll spend a long time in' says Microsoft

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with Type Cover and stylus
Microsoft chief envisioning officer Dave Coplin on the future of hybrids and impact of machine learning
19 Jun 2014

Kabbee opts for Rackspace ahead of Google, Amazon, Microsoft owing to emphasis on customer service

London minicab firm said other companies were interested only in selling Kabbee a commodity, rather than working in tandem
29 May 2014

Microsoft Surface sales rise 50 per cent year on year

Q3 earnings report shows modest increase in Surface revenues plus bigger rises for Office 365 and Azure
25 Apr 2014

UCAS sticks with HP to manage spike in demand on A-Level results day

HP Performance Center selected for load testing of UCAS's applications
24 Apr 2014

Customers big up Dynamics as Microsoft updates apps at Convergence 2014

Updates aimed at easing integration and enhancing functionality of 'customer centric' companies, says Microsoft
04 Mar 2014

Microsoft's Azure cloud offering "not as strong as Amazon Web Services", says Just Eat CTO

Carlos Morgado tells Computing why he opted for AWS instead of Microsoft Azure
05 Feb 2014

Cloud wars: AWS and Microsoft fight it out

With AWS seemingly on a mission to wipe out on-premise computing, Peter Gothard hears how Microsoft is striking back with hybrid offerings that it believes better meet the needs of enterprise IT leaders
01 Oct 2013

Oracle OpenWorld 2013: 'Enterprises win' as Oracle and Microsoft consummate cloud partnership

'Enterprises win', says Microsoft cloud VP Anderson
25 Sep 2013

Microsoft Build 2013: Azure Mobile Services and Azure Web Sites become generally available

Multiple platform and device focus extends to the cloud and backend
27 Jun 2013

Microsoft in driving seat of Aston Martin mobility upgrade

The luxury car maker has completed a company-wide upgrade of its productivity tools. Peter Gothard discovers what is driving the firm’s enduring love of all things Microsoft
25 Jun 2013

Aston Martin upgrades productivity and mobility solutions

Century-old luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin has recently completed a company-wide upgrade of its productivity solutions. Peter Gothard discovers what’s driving the firm’s enduring love of all things Microsoft
17 Jun 2013

18 million university staff and students to benefit from Windows Azure

Deal between Microsoft and Janet will also see Office 365 enabled for use at universities
21 May 2013

Google aims to lure '90 per cent of Microsoft Office users'

Competition for enterprise office users heats up
02 Jan 2013

Wozniak: Cloud is going to be ‘horrendous’

Apple co-founder says loss of control will cause 'horrible problems'
06 Aug 2012

Microsoft: Azure outage was due to 'safety valve error'

Safety valve is used to prevent cascading networking failures
06 Aug 2012

Microsoft Azure suffers prolonged outage

Azure the latest cloud service to crash
26 Jul 2012

Developers lose interest in Windows Phone, says IDC

Android and iOS the main platforms for both consumer and business app development
26 Jul 2012

'People only slate Amazon Web Services because it is number one,' claims CentraStage MD

Managed service provider chose AWS ahead of Rackspace and Azure
24 Jul 2012

Azure outage knocks government's CloudStore offline

Outage is blamed on leap year but exposes risks of a pure cloud strategy
01 Mar 2012

Government launches CloudStore

Publishes the list of suppliers for its G-Cloud
20 Feb 2012

CA ERwin - Getting reacquainted with an old friend

03 Feb 2012

Ballmer: “Still a long way to go with Windows 8, and cloud services”

Microsoft CEO said every part of his business is redesiging systems around Win8 'and moving to the cloud'
15 Sep 2011

Study: cloud services at least as fast as on-premise software

Experiments with cloud services reveal that they can be just as fast as conventional environments
02 Aug 2011