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Top 10 PC, mobile and tablet stories of 2013 so far

O2's Talk to the Hand gloves are made from upcycled mobile phones
The definitive breakdown of this year's hottest topics in the world of PC, laptop, mobile and tablet
21 Jun 2013

SITA 2013: Air France CIO 'disappointed' with Windows 8

Air France-KLM Group CIO Jean-Christophe Lalanne
Jean-Christophe Lalanne tells Computing Microsoft has six months to iron out problems with its latest OS
20 Jun 2013

Google's Waze acquisition ‘should not need antitrust probe’

Google logo (Robert Scoble Flickr)
TechMarketView's Richard Holway slams Consumer Watchdog
17 Jun 2013

Apple received 5,000 data requests from Prism in last six months

10,000 accounts affected by US government information demands, reveals company
17 Jun 2013

Microsoft pays $100,000 bounty to entice Windows Phone developers from Android, Apple and BlackBerry

Desperate ploy to get key apps from Android and Apple into the Windows Phone app store
14 Jun 2013

Apple could launch iPhones with bigger screens and in range of colours

Bigger screens could enable enterprise users to benefit from better visibility and more functionality
14 Jun 2013

Sony Xperia Z vs Apple iPhone 5 head to head review

Computing pits Sony's rugged flagship against Apple's premier handset, the iPhone 5
14 Jun 2013

Samsung 'to supply screens for next iPad and iPad mini'

iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 screens to be provided by Samsung, claims report
14 Jun 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 review

Can the S4's screen and software add-ons can beat the iPhone's quality build
13 Jun 2013

iPhone 6 release date, price and specs rumour roundup

Everything you need to know about Apple's next generation smartphone
12 Jun 2013

iPhone 5 tips and tricks

Computing reveals some intriguing hidden features within Apple's mobile operating system
12 Jun 2013

BYOD programme at Shell to impact 135,000 staff

Firm will use CA CloudMinder for mobile authentication and access management
12 Jun 2013

iPhone 5 v HTC One video face off

Which device will win in the battle of the top smartphones?
12 Jun 2013

Apple enables developer-to-developer app sales in iOS7

Developer guide also points to dedicated MFi game controller
12 Jun 2013

Will iOS 7 solidify Apple's position in the enterprise?

Enhanced security, streamlined MDM and progress with NFC makes Apple's new platform more tempting than ever
12 Jun 2013

Prism revelations 'will affect businesses'

Customers likely to become more wary about giving up personal information
11 Jun 2013

Google homes in on Israel's Waze in $1.3bn deal as it beats off Apple, Facebook and Yahoo

Waze deal will add geographic personal information that Google can add to its – and, possibly, the NSA's – "uber-database"
10 Jun 2013

Unseemly erections

10 Jun 2013

Russian app-based taxi startup Wheely takes aim at London's Addison Lee

Company has already poached Addison Lee’s MD
10 Jun 2013

Vodafone pays no UK corporation tax for the second time

Despite revenues exceeding £5bn, mobile firm says it wiped out tax liabilities with investments and interest payments
07 Jun 2013

Samsung scores patent win over Apple in surprise ITC ruling

iPhone 4 imports to be banned in US after ITC rules that it infringes Samsung patents
05 Jun 2013

Wearable technology 'will be powerful for big data analytics' says Rackspace

Technology will allow firms like Nike to mine a rich new seam of consumer data
04 Jun 2013

Start-ups are being starved of talent says Gentry Underwood, the man who sold Mailbox for £65m

Even in the US there is a chronic shortage of engineers, says entrepreneur
03 Jun 2013

The next Facebook or Apple will not be European

But Google may yet be 'next Microsoft', says Parallels founder Beloussov
03 Jun 2013