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Trojan based on Zeus targets 150 banks, many in UK, and can hijack webcams

Mobile phone and credit card
Chthonic is based on ZeusVM after 'significant changes' advises Kaspersky
22 Dec 2014

NotCompatible Android malware a 'risk that should not be ignored' says Lookout

Android 5.0 Lollipop home screen
The latest evolution has 'set new bar for mobile sophistication and operational complexity' say experts
24 Nov 2014

First Shellshock malware emerges just a day after vulnerability revealed [updated]

First Shellshock malware emerges
Two worms designed to exploit the Shellshock vulnerability in the Bash shell have been discovered by researchers just a day after it was made public
26 Sep 2014

China bans government use of Windows 8

Chinese government does not want to rely on a foreign operating system, and is instead developing its own
20 May 2014

Windows XP expires today: here's what you need to do…

What are the best practices for organisations wanting to shift away from XP?
08 Apr 2014

NHS to continue forking out up to £40m for XP after Microsoft support ends

Whitehall favours one-year extension deal rather than moving on
21 Mar 2014

New 'internet of things' worm discovered

Symantec announces discovery of a worm that attacks devices such as home routers, set-top boxes and security cameras running Linux
29 Nov 2013

Kevin Mitnick: 'The only thing McAfee is good at is making videos'

Outspoken security expert and reformed hacker claims that anti-virus software is next to useless, and shows how peer to peer software can cause devestating leaks of sensitive corporate data
16 Oct 2013

RSA 2013: Anti-virus software companies unveil new tools and features

Trend Micro and McAfee show off new features to end botnets, and improve anti-virus intelligence
26 Feb 2013

Google could do more to protect Android users from malware, says AVG

Change publishing conditions, scan new data packages, suggests Krčma
08 Feb 2013

Analysis: Defenders of the AV faith

Anti-virus software vendors have hit back at criticism of their products, arguing that AV forms an essential part of a multi-layered security strategy
24 Jan 2013

In defence of security software - an interview with Trend Micro's Rik Ferguson

Trend Micro's global vice president of security research, Rik Ferguson, talks to Computing about how anti-virus software has developed and why it shouldn't be classified as 'just' anti-virus
18 Jan 2013

Analysis: anti-virus strategies under the microscope

Are organisations focusing excessively on anti-virus software - and neglecting equally important security tools in the process?
08 Jan 2013

Anti-virus software 'becoming ineffective' - study

Study conducted by the Israeli Institute of Technology criticised for lack of real-world testing
02 Jan 2013