Latest anti-malware articles

Trojan based on Zeus targets 150 banks, many in UK, and can hijack webcams

Mobile phone and credit card
Chthonic is based on ZeusVM after 'significant changes' advises Kaspersky
22 Dec 2014

NotCompatible Android malware a 'risk that should not be ignored' says Lookout

Android 5.0 Lollipop home screen
The latest evolution has 'set new bar for mobile sophistication and operational complexity' say experts
24 Nov 2014

Security industry advice for battling Turing Test-beating AIs: 'Be nice and sceptical'

Symantec and Juniper admit there is not yet a clear plan for beating more advanced forms of 'Eugene Goostman'
11 Jun 2014

RSA 2013: Anti-virus software companies unveil new tools and features

Trend Micro and McAfee show off new features to end botnets, and improve anti-virus intelligence
26 Feb 2013

Analysis: Mobile workers present moving targets

With potentially valuable business data increasingly finding its way onto smartphones and tablets, are these devices under growing threat of attack?
22 Jan 2013

In defence of security software - an interview with Trend Micro's Rik Ferguson

Trend Micro's global vice president of security research, Rik Ferguson, talks to Computing about how anti-virus software has developed and why it shouldn't be classified as 'just' anti-virus
18 Jan 2013

Anti-virus software 'becoming ineffective' - study

Study conducted by the Israeli Institute of Technology criticised for lack of real-world testing
02 Jan 2013

Android's built-in malware scanner detects just 15 per cent of threats

Jellybean's in-built software has a long way to go but shows promise, says computer scientist.
11 Dec 2012

Hidden banking trojan discovered after being infected by other malware

Sality Trojan infects banking malware enabling traditional anti-virus products to identify it
31 Aug 2012

Fear of online crime inhibits online commerce - EU survey

But only half of Europe's internet users have anti-virus software
10 Jul 2012

Will Alureon 'Internet Doomsday' virus cause net 'blackout' on Monday?

Government support servers for last November’s virus attack shutting down on 9 July
06 Jul 2012

AlienVault launches open threat data exchange to combat cybercrime

Free service allows 18,000 users to share attack information from their networks
22 Feb 2012

Stolen Facebook and Twitter log-ins on sale for $30 each

Cyber criminals also flogging log-ins for cPanel website administration
08 Feb 2012

Hotels and colleges targeted by credit card thieves

Malware authors aim to pick off less tech-savvy targets in credit card sting
30 Nov 2011

IT security vendors can’t all be right, but they can all be wrong

01 Nov 2011

BP replaces local security solution with Cisco cloud service

Oil giant takes leap of faith to trust the cloud with its security, and sees 35 per cent cost savings as a result
14 Oct 2011

When minor infections turn dangerous

Some system infiltrations can appear harmless, but looks can be deceiving
05 Oct 2011

Microsoft puts £155,000 bounty on botnet operator

Software giant wants information to help capture and arrest the criminals behind the notorious global botnet
19 Jul 2011

Interview: Kaspersky Lab CTO Nikolai Grebennikov

Stuart Sumner meets a man who thrives on threats
19 Jul 2011

Avast launches SME security suite

Business Protection is quick to set up and can be administered via a browser
19 Jul 2011

Symantec launches Endpoint Protection 12

Suite comes in three versions aimed at SMEs, enterprises and managed service providers
06 Jul 2011

Computing research reveals businesses underestimate the threat of web-based attacks

Survey reveals that at least one in 10 business web sites has been compromised in some way
01 Jun 2011

InfoSec 2011: Most IT chiefs underestimate danger from advanced threats, warns expert

Academic says many security chiefs 'sleep too well at night'
20 Apr 2011

InfoSec 2011: Can risk be measured in monetary terms?

Experts are divided over the merits of basing risk mitigation policies on monetary impact assessments
19 Apr 2011