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Stratfor's shocking data security revealed: firm kept customer details in plain text prior to 2011 hack

Jeremy Hammond
Leaked Verizon report says security firm had extremely poor data protection practices, resulting in theft of data about 860,000 customers
16 Jun 2014

Anonymous members arrested for hacking government and IT firm networks

Anonymous news site
Two Australian men charged with hacking into systems and stealing data
22 May 2014

FBI used Anonymous to attack foreign government systems, claims jailed hacker Hammond

Anonymous video screenshot
Stratfor hacker Hammond claims FBI used Anonymous informant Sabu to coordinate attacks against foreign governments
27 Aug 2013

Stratfor hacker Jeremy Hammond faces 10 years in jail after pleading guilty

Hacker pleads guilty to hacking Stratfor and passing information to Wikileaks
29 May 2013

US Federal Reserve hacked during Super Bowl

Hacktivists Anonymous have claimed responsibility for the attack
06 Feb 2013

Anonymous members jailed for hacking campaign

Two sent down for roles in Operation Payback campaign, which cost PayPal £3.5m
25 Jan 2013

Hacker group GhostShell posts log-in details of Pentagon, NASA and more.

Anonymous off-shoot posts details of 1.6m accounts in final act of 2012
11 Dec 2012

Analysis: a case of government versus hacktivism

The arrest and confinement of alleged hacker Jeremy Hammond has become a cause célèbre for both sides in the hacktivism debate
11 Dec 2012

Government official: DDoS attacks 'do not lose companies any business'

DDoS is 'just an inconvenience', government claims
03 Dec 2012

Student on trial for alleged role in Anonymous PayPal attacks

Court told DDoS attack cost PayPal £3.5m
23 Nov 2012

Anonymous 'splinter cell' claims responsibility for HSBC denial-of-service attack

HSBC gets its sites back up in hours, while UK-based FawkesSecurity rushes to claim responsibility
19 Oct 2012

GoDaddy websites brought down by Anonymous attack

Anonymous member hacks DNS disrupting thousands of websites
11 Sep 2012

Apple user leak 'came from Florida publishing company' - not FBI

App publisher Blue Toad claims that it - not FBI agent Christopher K. Stangl - was responsible for Apple user data leak
10 Sep 2012

FBI denies Apple iPad UDID leak – claims it's 'totally false'

Well they would, wouldn't they?
05 Sep 2012

A million Apple IDs leaked after suspected FBI breach

Hackers say they got the information after they accessed a laptop belonging to an FBI agent
04 Sep 2012

Wikileaks supporter hacks police website, publishes data

Login details of Hertfordshire Police officers published online
31 Aug 2012

Asking for trouble

22 Aug 2012

Anonymous attacks UK government

Hacktivist group takes down Home Office site in protest at treatment of Julian Assange
21 Aug 2012

Analysis: Counting the cost of a DDoS attack

Sooraj Shah examines the various ways distributed denial of service attacks can damage those at the receiving end
05 Jun 2012

Essential guide to security: Rethinking your defence

High-profile hacktivist attacks and data breaches may grab the headlines, but IT leaders should concentrate on rethinking their cybersecurity
21 May 2012

Anonymous attacks ICO and Leveson Inquiry websites

A group claiming affiliation with the hacktivist collective says attacks are in protest at the 'corruption within the inquiry'
15 May 2012

Computing says: UK cyber security – time for a new approach

The government's cyber security strategy is not fit for purpose
18 Apr 2012

Anonymous claims attacks on MI6, CIA and Department of Justice

Hacktivist collective claims to be behind recent denial-of-service attacks on US and UK government sites
16 Apr 2012

Downing Street and Home Office websites hit by Anonymous

DDoS attacks in protest at "draconian" surveillance proposals, and US extradition treaty
08 Apr 2012