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Hey m-spender - can you trust your payment app?

A number of companies have rushed to launch mobile payment devices that plug into Android and Apple iOS smartphones, but can users be sure that they are secure?
29 Nov 2012

Influence: The Endpoint

Computing looks at the explosion of choice in the enterprise endpoint market, and what leading firms are doing to offer choice to employees whilst still being able to provide appropriate support
28 Nov 2012

Enterprise mobility marks a new road for the man in a van

ClickSoftware CEO Moshe BenBassat explains how smartphones and tablets have revolutionised the way that service companies operate
26 Nov 2012

The endpoint of the future

Peter Gothard explains how current trends in hardware and software will change the way business users interact with the enterprise
14 Nov 2012

Analysis: mobile development migraine

Enterprises looking to develop mobile applications for staff, partners or customers face a number of headache-inducing challenges
13 Nov 2012

Android users' privacy put at risk by apps collecting unnecessary data

Research suggests an epidemic of apps collecting data from unsuspecting smartphone owners
06 Nov 2012

iPad's share of tablet market drops to 50 per cent

Apple's grasp on the tablet market loosens as competition from Android intensifies
06 Nov 2012

Three-quarters of smartphones sold run on Android

Android market share reaches 75 per cent in the third quarter of 2012
02 Nov 2012

Week of big launches to begin with Apple's iPad Mini

Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Surface launch sandwiched between new Apple iPad and Google Nexus
22 Oct 2012

Apple is taking users for a ride

17 Oct 2012

iPhone 5 web traffic already ahead of Samsung Galaxy S III

The Apple smartphone has higher web traffic than Samsung counterpart less than three weeks after release
15 Oct 2012

Another blow for Apple as Samsung US sales ban overturned

Court of Appeal lifts US ban on the Galaxy Nexus smartphone
12 Oct 2012

UPDATED: Samsung Galaxy S3 ‘can be wiped’ using hidden web code

Conference attendees were left stunned by security vulnerability
26 Sep 2012

Google blocks Acer smartphone based on Android derivative

Google threat to cut-off Acer over Aliyun phone for China
17 Sep 2012

Analysis: Apple looks to press home its advantage

Speculation is rife that the iPhone maker will follow up its victory over Samsung with an all-out assault on Android
17 Sep 2012

The business benefits of open source and social technologies

Clint Oram, CTO and co-founder of SugarCRM explains how open source can adapt to fit established procurement methodologies
17 Sep 2012

Android devices most at risk from mobile malware

Malware on smartphones and tablets has grown massively, with the Android OS by far the most targeted
07 Sep 2012

Amazon expected to make Kindle Fire announcement today

Specced-up 7in tablet will fight it out in an increasingly crowded market
06 Sep 2012

Analysis: Is Android losing its grip on the workplace?

Recent reports suggest Android is losing ground to iOS in the corporate mobile space, but Computing research suggests there is still everything to play for
05 Sep 2012

Chinese search giant Baidu invests £1bn in cloud computing centre

Unveils new mobile browser to go with it
03 Sep 2012

Samsung to disrupt Apple's iPhone 5 launch with patent lawsuit over 4G

Samsung's action may include injunctions to prevent sale of iPhones and iPad
01 Sep 2012

Analysis: The Apple-Samsung verdict in quotes

The best analysis from around the web into the Apple-Samsung intellectual property case
28 Aug 2012

Google-owned Motorola Mobility files new patent suit against Apple

Google asks for another US ban on iPhone imports
20 Aug 2012

Seventy one per cent of firms provide smartphones to staff

A look at the phones and tablets provided by companies to their staff
20 Aug 2012