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Computing Tech Tiff debate: order or chaos in mobile phone platforms?

Technology debating reaches critical mass in new video series
30 May 2013

More Google concessions required before EU antitrust investigation ends

Joaquin Almunia is vice president of the EC
Joaquin Almunia tells firm it needs to improve its proposals
28 May 2013

1-in-10 school computers is an Apple iPad, Android, Windows or Amazon tablet

11 per cent of secondary education conducted through apps, according to trade body BESA
24 May 2013

Apple and Android face new threat with €399 smartphone from Jolla

Jolla unveils first smartphone with interchangeable covers for different applications and content
21 May 2013

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 inch details leaked as firm grabs 95 per cent of Android market

Even Google capitulates with pure Android S4 introduction
21 May 2013

Technology that drives success: An interview with Trader Media’s CIO, Tim Jones

As Trader Media Group prepares to publish the very last print edition of Auto Trader magazine, CIO Tim Jones tells Sooraj Shah about the next stage in the company’s ambitious multi-platform digital strategy
16 May 2013

Apple supplier Pegatron to hire 40,000 staff to make budget iPhone

Sixty per cent of Pegatron's revenues to be in second half of 2013, says CFO
10 May 2013

Report: budget iPhone coming this year

Electronic parts distributor claims knowledge about budget Apple smartphone
07 May 2013

FA hopes to score with new technology

Sooraj Shah hears how technology has helped the FA develop some of the best facilities in the world for players, coaches and supporters
30 Apr 2013

Google whacked by Microsoft in Motorola intellectual property case

Seattle court slashes Google's $4bn payout claim on Motorola patents to just $1.8m
26 Apr 2013

New crisis at Nokia as feature-phone sales fall by 21 per cent

Emerging market feature-phone buyers desert Nokia as they trade up to Android smartphones
18 Apr 2013

Queen’s University partners with Infosys to tackle cyber security threat

Queen's secure IT centre and Infosys team up to tackle cloud, Android and iPad security threats
16 Apr 2013

iPhones are about 'fashion rather than functionality', says DWF CTO

BlackBerrys are the mobile for enterprise and Android devices 'are nonsense', says Richard Hodkinson
15 Apr 2013

Tech firms make 'Trojan Horse' Google Android complaint to EU

Microsoft, Nokia and Oracle among FairSearch coalition members calling for Google practices to be investigated
09 Apr 2013

Facebook Home app and tie-in HTC First phone announced

Facebook's app will take over many everyday aspects of Android UI
04 Apr 2013

Crash Podcast: Samsung, Google, Phones & Windows RT

On this week's podcast we discuss Samsung breaking away from Android, Google's privacy woes, then 40th anniversary of the mobile phone, and the potential demise of Windows RT
04 Apr 2013

Facebook phone to launch on Thursday

After 36 months of rumours, HTC-made Android-based phone to be unveiled on 4 April
03 Apr 2013

Microsoft posts big gains in smartphones - but Apple and Android remain dominant

UK and Italy register some of the biggest increases in market share for Windows 8 phones
02 Apr 2013

Analysis: Upstarts challenge the mobile duopoly

Canonical and Mozilla’s mobile OSs made waves at MWC, but can they generate more than a ripple of interest among enterprise smartphone users
02 Apr 2013

Analysis: should Samsung abandon Android?

Peter Gothard assesses whether Samsung’s growing supremacy as a smartphone vendor might result in it splitting from Google’s platform
27 Mar 2013

iOS 'has had its revolutionary moment' in increasingly competitive mobile market, says Red Bend

Little development room left for Apple as rival platforms appear, says VP Kinder
22 Mar 2013

Google Maps chief Jeff Huber moves to Google X after decade at company

Google continues restructuring plans as maps chief steps down
15 Mar 2013

Microsoft Surface: Just 1.5 million sold in first four months

Sales of both Windows RT and Windows 8 versions prove disappointingly low
15 Mar 2013

Andy Rubin steps aside as head of Android

Sundar Pichai to take charge of Google's smartphone operating system division
14 Mar 2013