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EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager questions Google's rivals over search and advertising

euro in black light
EU's Google probe continues with questioning of rivals expected to finish in January
11 Dec 2014

Over half the ads we show are never seen, admits Google

google search magnifying glass
56 per cent of ad impressions served by Google are displayed outside the browser window, admits report
08 Dec 2014

Yahoo acquires app analytics firm Flurry

Company reportedly pays $200m-$300m for startup as display ad revenue falters
22 Jul 2014

Backbytes: Google's Ad nonSense?

The advertising-strewn heart of Google, AdSense, is slowing down as more and more users block of ignore ads. Shame...
15 Jul 2014

Facebook acquires video advertising firm for 'more relevant' customer targeting

Social media giant pays around $500m for LiveRail
03 Jul 2014

Facebook users sue company over privacy

US plaintiffs allege Facebook illegally mines private messages for competitive advantage
03 Jan 2014

The cookie crumbles: Microsoft, Google and Facebook plot the demise of third-party trackers

Cross-platform browsing making cookies redundant, but could give more power to the internet giants
11 Oct 2013

Why Google shares fell despite 19 per cent growth in revenues

Mobile advertising concerns reflected in five per cent drop in share price
19 Jul 2013

Yahoo ad revenues nosedive as CEO Marissa Mayer looks to mobile

Decline in ad revenues at Yahoo accelerates, but profits increase following acquisitions
17 Jul 2013

Follow the money in mobile ads, says Medialets founder

Online advertising an 'unsolved problem' concurs Mailbox founder Underwood
04 Jun 2013

Facebook use drops nine per cent in UK

Fall coincides with increase in advertising and concerns over privacy
24 May 2013

Facebook mobile advertising contributes to 38 per cent revenue boost

Overall revenue up 38 per cent compared with Q1 2012
02 May 2013

Working with Computing on your Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Using research based content to engage and inform your target customers
21 Mar 2013

Facebook, Google attack MEP report calling for tougher restrictions on use of personal data

Document urges EU to give its citizens much more control over how their data is exploited
09 Jan 2013

Intelligent Sport UK Challenge 2013

Computing has partnered up with the Intelligent Sport® UK Challenge for 2013. The event is the most widely renowned business development concept in the world.
19 Dec 2012

Facebook passes one billion users

Mark Zuckerberg 'committed to working to make Facebook better'
04 Oct 2012

H4cked Off: The strange world of 'personal' Facebook adverts

Facebook's definition of 'targeted' advertising is well wide of the mark, says Danny Palmer
20 Sep 2012

'Interest targeting' and how Twitter is #winning the social media advertising battle

Twitter is continuing to guard its brand and look to monetise its services, in ways that Facebook could do with studying
31 Aug 2012

Microsoft takes $6.2bn hit on aQuantive online ad acquisition

Value of ad firm reduced to almost nothing in five years
03 Jul 2012

Facebook share drop: more than meets the eye (updated)

Last-minute devaluation by Morgan Stanley pre-IPO proves mobile strategy flawed, as Computing explained last week
22 May 2012

Opinion: Why Facebook is worth a dollar a year... and falling

Stratospheric valuations aside, what is Facebook really worth? Computing Editor Chris Middleton explains why it has never been free to use
17 May 2012

Yahoo applies ‘do not track’ site-wide

Portal joins browsers in spreading DNT mechanism
02 Apr 2012

IT in retail 1: The future is multi-channel

As retailers compete for austerity-hit consumers, technological innovation in a multi-channel world will play an ever-increasing role
21 Sep 2011

Mobile ad revenue set to double in 2011

Gartner forecasts mobile ad spending to surpass £2bn this year
16 Jun 2011