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Oracle Java the most risky software despite increase in Microsoft flaws

malware virus security
Versions of Apple QuickTime, Adobe Reader and VLC Media Player also rank highly on 'most exposed' list
22 Jan 2015

'Disable Adobe Flash now': popular browser plug-in at risk in zero-day security flaw

Firewall illustration
One week after Adobe fixed nine critical security flaws in Adobe Flash, a new exploit has emerged – and is already incorporated into exploit packs
22 Jan 2015

HTML5 reaches 'recommendation' standard at W3C – after 10 years in sometimes fractious development

Will HTML5 kill off Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight as the standard finally reaches 'recommendation' status?
29 Oct 2014

Analysis: Why is Adobe Acrobat so insecure?

Acrobat used to be a simple application that replicated paper documents, but Adobe's efforts to update it have made it more insecure
15 Sep 2014

Attacks on government systems in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Central Asia linked to Russian state

Flaws in Windows Server 2003 and Adobe Acrobat Reader opened doors to "Epic Turla" cyber-attackers
11 Aug 2014

Adobe says sorry for Creative Cloud outage

Customers were unable to log-in for over 24 hours
16 May 2014

Apple, Google, Intel, Adobe to pay $324m to settle anti-poaching class action suit

The tech workers who were seeking recompense for lost earnings had asked for $3bn
25 Apr 2014

Apple, Google and more tech firms could pay up to $9bn to employees in anti-poaching class-action suit

Decade-old accusations go as high as Steve Jobs and ex-Intel CEO Paul Otellini
09 Apr 2014

Microsoft Internet Explorer and Adobe Flash link to new cyber attacks

Security company FireEye claims attackers are using unknown flaws in IE10 and IE9 to attack web users
14 Feb 2014

Nitro CEO Sam Chandler: ‘We'll give Adobe a run for their money’

Document sharing solution provider founder tells Computing how cloud technology will help Nitro go toe-to-toe with the more established PDF solution provider Adobe
10 Feb 2014

Adobe Flash, PDF and Oracle Java “most dangerous” file types

Popular browser plug-ins and apps account for two-thirds of exploits
09 Dec 2013

Adobe hack affected 38 million users – not three million

Photoshop source code also stolen, Adobe confirms
30 Oct 2013

Adobe cyber attack: 2.9 million customers' private data stolen

Credit card and debit card details, expiration dates, and other data all removed from Adobe's systems
04 Oct 2013

US data breach exposes 160,000 social security numbers

Vulnerability in Adobe ColdFusion app server used to break into official system
13 May 2013

Security flaw puts Adobe Acrobat and Reader users at risk

Malicious PDF files could leave Adobe users vulnerable to attack
14 Feb 2013

Adobe issues fix for zero-day Flash vulnerabilities

Zero-day exploits allow malware to be installed on multiple operating systems
08 Feb 2013

Newly released emails implicate Apple, Intel and Google in 'no poaching' deals

Top tech companies agreed not to hire each others' staff
23 Jan 2013

Apple, Microsoft and Adobe accused of 'stonewalling' Australian IT pricing inquiry

Three firms refusing to appear before parliamentary committee
29 Oct 2012

Anglia Ruskin University selects Violin storage ahead of Hitachi and Fusion-io

Violin Memory “out-performed” competitors, says IT director
19 Jul 2012

Adobe – From Media to Marketing... and beyond?

30 May 2012

Adobe patches two critical Flash Player vulnerabilities

Software developer also pushes out automatic update feature
30 Mar 2012

BSA tackles Rugby-based power company over unlicensed software

Converteam UK has to pay out more than £8,000
26 Mar 2012

Adobe vulnerability being used to attack defence industry

A newly discovered vulnerability in Adobe Acrobat and Reader appears to be attacking the defence industry, with Lockheed Martin and US supplier Man Tech thought to be targets so far
09 Dec 2011

Lockheed Martin warns of critical cyber vulnerability

The defence contractor has found a new vulnerability in Adobe's Reader and Acrobat programmes, suggesting it may have been attacked through this vector
08 Dec 2011