Latest 2e2 articles

2e2 finally ceases to exist - with gaping £257m shortfall owed to creditors

2e2 Group, 2e2 Holdings and 2e2 Investments have all been dissolved, according to papers filed by FTI Consulting
04 Aug 2014

Betfair puts its money on VMware’s stack ahead of Cisco’s UCS

Betfair’s CIO tells Computing that the firm would have bet differently if they went through the VMware transition again
27 Feb 2014

Betfair CIO: Shortage of VMware skills meant we had to cross-train staff

When systems integrator 2e2 went bust, Betfair decided to do the job in-house
25 Feb 2014

Interview: Sarah Leslie, Iglo Foods CIO

Sarah Leslie, CIO of Iglo Foods Group - which operates the Birds Eye brand in the UK - explains why she feels confident in outsourcing her data centres to the cloud in the post-2e2 era
29 Apr 2013

The big squeeze hits resellers

Resellers are being squeezed on all fronts – software, services and especially hardware. But the best-run companies are changing to meet these new challenges
16 Apr 2013

First 2e2 now Tech Data? Accounting irregularities spell more trouble for the UK channel

Shares plunge in after-hours trading as distributor tells investors not to rely on last three years' accounts
21 Mar 2013

‘Give us £1m or your data gets it!’: lessons of the 2e2 collapse

Would your outsourced data survive a 2e2-style collapse? Stuart Sumner talks to experts about what CIOs need to do to ensure business continuity
19 Mar 2013

Birds Eye CIO: Choosing a cloud provider that won't go bust

Sarah Leslie, CIO of Iglo Foods Group - which operates the Birds Eye Brand in the UK - tells Computing how her organisation selects cloud and outsourcing providers which are unlikely to go out of business and lose her data
08 Mar 2013

Logicalis acquires 2e2’s European operations for £20.7m

Logicalis takes on board 480 of 2e2's European employees and takes 70 former 2e2 staff on in the UK
04 Mar 2013

Bankrupt 2e2 stored user data in third-party datacentres

Customers 'ought to have known', says Onyx CEO Neil Stephenson
01 Mar 2013

G3 acquires 2e2 company Diagonal

Diagonal employees will move to Weybridge-based SAP consultancy
22 Feb 2013

Down and out: lessons of the 2e2 saga

When a company like 2e2 goes into administration, datacentre users can find just how few rights they have. Graeme Burton examines the options
19 Feb 2013

2e2 datacentres saved in takeover by Oakley Capital

Peter Dubens' Oakley Capital appoints Daisy Group to manage the Reading and Gateshead datacentres
15 Feb 2013

H4cked Off: The mystery surrounding 2e2 needs to be unravelled

Employees deserve to know why 2e2 collapsed
13 Feb 2013

Is 2e2 under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office?

SFO says it cannot 'confirm or deny' whether it is investigating 2e2, while administrators say 'no comment'
11 Feb 2013

2e2: pay up £1m now or we close the datacentre

Migrating data and software from Gateshead and Reading datacentres could take 16 weeks, claims bust company's administrator
08 Feb 2013

2e2 employees saved by O2, as managed services business is acquired

107 former employees will move to O2 as part of the deal
07 Feb 2013

Liquidation looms for 2e2 as administrators make 627 redundant

No buyers interested in purchasing the whole group, reveal administrators
06 Feb 2013