Latest 2012 Tech articles

How Tesco and co are testing the limits of customer data exploitation

If a consumer agrees to share information with retailers, can they complain when data about their shopping habits and lifestyle choices are used to milk them for more money?
04 Jul 2012

Exclusive: Marks & Spencer to recruit 50 UK software engineers

Front of a Marks and Spencer shop
Retailer is building an elite software engineering team in London to increase innovation
29 Jun 2012

NPIA hails success of national police database

Riot police
National Policing Improvement Agency says data sharing has led to speedier arrests
22 Jun 2012

Direction of travel: an interview with TfL CIO Steve Townsend

TfL CIO Steve Townsend is bringing actionable information closer to the business side of the organisation and directly into the hands of the travelling public
20 Jun 2012

Crash Podcast: IT education, ICANN and the 'snooping bill'

Crash is the regular IT news and analysis podcast from Computing
18 Jun 2012

Raspberry Pi: Education in action VIDEO

Computing talks to staff and pupils at Swallow Hill College, which is trialling the Raspberry Pi as a tool for teaching programming skills
18 Jun 2012

Huddle secures vast majority of £453,778 spent on G-Cloud

London-based SME has six out of 11 CloudStore contracts awarded so far
15 Jun 2012

BBC and Press Association select MarkLogic to handle Olympics data

Websites are expecting huge volume of data during the London Games
13 Jun 2012

At the helm of government ICT: interview with Andy Nelson

In today’s information-sharing age, can being CIO of such a huge IT user as the British government really be a part-time job? Sooraj Shah spoke to the man himself, Andy Nelson, to find out
06 Jun 2012

Contactless payment on Tube delayed until late 2013

No 'Wave and Pay' on the Tube until the end of 2013, as TfL misses its contactless payment pledge by a year
25 May 2012

Atos CEO: Olympics data loss of greater concern than cyber attacks

Olympics IT partner says it is prepared for a range of security attacks
17 May 2012

Crash: Big data, security and analytics

Computing's regular podcast features news of major IT projects at Gatwick and Heathrow airports, and analysis of why web coders often ignore basic security best-practise
14 May 2012

Remote working during the Olympics

Cesare Garlati, director of consumerisation at Trend Micro, discusses what enterprises need to consider as large numbers of staff prepare to work remotely during the Games
02 May 2012

TV-signal solution for rural broadband

Cambridge trials indicate that ‘white spaces’ in television broadcasts could boost broadband access
25 Apr 2012

Cashless Olympics increases opportunities for cyber criminals

A security expert has suggested that NFC technology can be used to steal sensitive card data with the swipe of a phone
24 Apr 2012

Interview: Retail in the iPad age

John Lewis IT chief Paul Coby tells Stuart Sumner how the tablet phenomenon is impacting customer service and online sales at the retail giant
19 Apr 2012

O2 experiment finds more than one-third of staff work better remotely

3,000 workers stayed at home as O2 closed its head office in the remote working experiment, which also saved 2,000 hours of commuting time
03 Apr 2012

How TfL will use passenger data during the Olympics

The network will equip staff with up-to-date information on passenger flow and network issues to keep traffic moving during the games
02 Apr 2012

Crash Podcast: UK IT in the year of the Olympics

In this first in a special series of Crash, we take a look at what's happening in the UK IT industry at a time of intense international focus
30 Mar 2012

Google survey: CFOs set to have a bigger say in IT decisions

Increased levels of cloud adoption result in more involvement from CFOs in IT decisions
29 Mar 2012

Ten per cent of UK CIOs believe Olympics chaos is guaranteed

Organisations will struggle to get staff to and from datacentres in London, says managed services provider
28 Mar 2012

The decline, fall and rebirth of IT education

Despite an alarming decline in computing undergraduate courses, there are signs that the discipline is about to enjoy a renaissance
27 Mar 2012

Short-term datacentre deals offered to reduce Olympics disruption

A firm is offering short-term colocation and hosting deals outside London to companies concerned by the potential disruption this summer
20 Mar 2012

UK technology during 2012

This campaign, which will run throughout the year, will examine the state of our domestic IT industry at a time when the country will be at the centre of global attention.
15 Mar 2012