Latest 2012 Tech articles

iPad mini named most in-demand Christmas gift

Christmas shopping on the internet
41 per cent of UK adults that are 55 or over have put a tablet, smartphone or laptop on their Xmas lists
18 Dec 2012

2012: The year in devices and endpoint

A graphic depicting mobile phone software
The rise of BYOD, the fall of RIM and the bet-hedging of Microsoft
18 Dec 2012

Triumph and tribulation: a look back at 2012

While London 2012 provided a showcase for the very best the UK tech sector has to offer, the year also saw one of this country’s biggest software names become embroiled in controversy. Stuart Sumner looks back at the highs and lows of the past 12 months
13 Dec 2012

All London buses to accept contactless bank card payments from today

Tube to follow next year
12 Dec 2012

Net address body disbands, condemns lack of government support

6UK says slow uptake of IPv6 will cost UK dear
10 Dec 2012

Public sector IT: 2012 in review

Computing looks back at the government's IT initiatives this year and what impact they have had
07 Dec 2012

Crash Podcast: 2012 - A year in IT

Join the Computing team for a review of the top IT news stories from 2012
06 Dec 2012

BT launches ‘hyper-fast’ 10Gbit/s broadband trial

'Superfast' broadband rollout also gathers pace
27 Nov 2012

Cisco predicts capacity to 'print' food in 15 years

Cisco futurist also foresees artificial intelligence in the cloud, in Twitter interview
20 Nov 2012

Department of Heath selects Logica to provide payroll services

Seven-year deal will see firm responsible for payroll of 30,000 employees
09 Nov 2012 joins G-Cloud

Applications and platform available through the government cloud network
26 Oct 2012

Joanna Shields quits as Facebook Euro chief to join London's Tech City

New TCIO executive begins in January 2013
22 Oct 2012

IPEXPO: Focus on change now needed to leverage the data centre of the future

Panel at industry event tackles what data centres will look like in the future, and concludes that training is critical
19 Oct 2012

Oracle OpenWorld: How social drives business engagement

Digital word of mouth provides the most effective advertising, while London 2012 was 'the social event of all time'
02 Oct 2012

Back to the future: new buzz-phrases, familiar problems

2012 may have been a red-letter year for UK public events, but how has it been so far for the technology sector?
06 Sep 2012

Special report: 2012 and the war for data

The past few months have seen worrying developments for those who value their privacy and expect personal data to be handled with a degree of circumspection. So is the fight for the right to be forgotten a lost cause?
05 Sep 2012

Sowing the seeds of digital success: An interview with skills champion Ian Livingstone

Author, entrepreneur and government-appointed skills champion Ian Livingstone explains why the UK’s future prosperity depends on getting school kids excited about coding
21 Aug 2012

ICO to investigate Essex County Council data breach

Security lapse has exposed 400 people to the threat of identity theft
20 Aug 2012

Interview: M&S CIO aims to make his mark

Darrell Stein hopes his IT strategy can boost sales and cut costs
02 Aug 2012

The IT legacy of the Olympics

Ian Foddering, CTO UK & Ireland, Cisco, talks to Computing about the long-term benefits the IT powering London 2012 will bring to the UK
01 Aug 2012

Berners-Lee stars in Olympics opening ceremony

Inventor of the web given spotlight during London 2012 opener
27 Jul 2012

Businesses warned not to underestimate remote working challenges during London 2012

Firms must carry out audits to ensure their systems are 'not too open'
25 Jul 2012

Amazon's new London tech hub could put pressure on start-ups

Corporate giant sets up camp in London because of 'hotbed of tech talent'
23 Jul 2012

McAfee warns on Olympic NFC fraud risks

Near-field communication payment trial at Olympics could attract fraudsters
09 Jul 2012