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Computing Research provides essential technology and business information to help the IT Industry and IT professionals make better decisions. Leveraging Computing’s unparalleled audience of influential IT professionals, our independent research engine delivers you market-wide trends as well as insight into niche market segments.

Use this page to access all the latest detailed research reports, web-seminars and videos based on findings from Computing Research. All of our reports are presented clearly and visually, allowing you to get the most out of the data.

These reports are vital reading for IT decision makers and vendors needing to keep on top of a dynamic market.


Latest Research


The UK IT Buyer's Review 2012


The first annual IT Buyer's Cycle Review 2012 summarises the results of a comprehensive examination programme undertaken by Computing Research from October to December 2011 into UK business IT decision-making.

The report provides unique insight into the IT procurement processes from a range of company sizes and type; the key drivers and influences behind IT purchasing; and the intricacies of the buying process itself.

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Computing research: a who's who of IT decision making


Computing Research recently undertook a major research project with one clear objective: to provide a better understanding of the decision-making process for large-scale IT procurement in the UK. Of particular interest to us was the role of different IT and business decision-makers at each stage of the procurement process...Click here to continue reading



Computing research: the business of IT decision-making


In part one of this research we looked at the roles of the various IT decision-makers within large and small organisation at the different stages of the decision-making journey. It was discovered that while senior managers (CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, and IT directors) are instrumental in the final stages of any major IT decision...Click here to continue reading



The many faces of IT disaster


Disasters come in many shapes and sizes, from the floods, fires and major incidents that most people associate with the word, through to isolated, unpredictable events that can nevertheless spell disaster for the organisation whose systems, core data or operations have been compromised...Click here to continue reading



How and why big data has hit the mainstream

Big data artwork

Some IT trends can be seen coming from a long way off. Heralded by a cloud of dust on the horizon, a low rumble on the specialist blogs, and a flame war among the cognoscenti, The Next Big Thing rides into town.

Entrepreneurs plan for its arrival, columns grow in the tech press, discussion groups...Click here to continue reading



The future of CRM is social and mobile


CRM is now a thoroughly mainstream application, with up to 80 per cent of medium and large UK organisations either using the software or planning to in the near future, according to a recent survey by Computing.

One-fifth are running a formal CRM, integrated with all back-office functions (finance, marketing, manufacturing, HR, order entry, warehousing and transportation) through their...Click here to continue reading





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