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Intel’s Chris Shaw on getting into big data

News Last week's IT Leaders Summit, hosted by Computing in London, brought a lot of hot issues bubbling to the surface. While many were concerned with the IT chief's place - both physically...

Peter Gothard | Computing | 19 Dec 2014

US discovers Sony attack is “state sponsored” and considers “proportional response”

News The US government has stated it now believes the recent hacking attack on Sony pictures was a "state sponsored" attack from another government, and is now considering what it calls...

Peter Gothard | Computing | 19 Dec 2014

John Gladman takes over as interim CIO at Hounslow Council

News John Gladman has taken over the role of interim CIO at Hounslow Council, replacing its former director of corporate resources, Anthony Kemp, who left at the end of October, while a...

Graeme Burton | Computing | 19 Dec 2014

VMware CIO Tony Scott pushes IT-as-a-service model at virtualisation giant

Interview VMware's CIO, Tony Scott, claims that he is changing the way that the virtualisation giant works, having deployed an "IT-as-a-service model". "It means that anything new I want to...

Sooraj Shah | Computing | 18 Dec 2014

Could the CIO replace the CMO?

Analysis The chief information officer (CIO) doesn't have to fear their role being absorbed by the chief marketing officer (CMO), but rather it could go the opposite way, with the CIO taking...

Danny Palmer | Computing | 18 Dec 2014 Caldicott calls for NHS to answer areas of concern

News The Independent Information Governance Oversight Panel (IIGOP), chaired by Dame Fiona Caldicott, has called for NHS England to respond to more than 50 unanswered questions about the...

Sooraj Shah | Computing | 18 Dec 2014

BlackBerry launches BlackBerry Classic smartphone featuring QWERTY keyboard

News BlackBerry has revealed the BlackBerry Classic, a smartphone featuring both a QWERTY keyboard and a touch screen that the Canadian firm says is designed for the business user. While...

Danny Palmer | Computing | 17 Dec 2014

IT Leaders Summit: What is the biggest challenge facing you right now?

News Computing asked delegates at our IT Leaders Summit to discuss the biggest challenges facing CIOs and other IT professionals in the industry today. Transforming organisations via IT...

Peter Gothard | Computing | 17 Dec 2014

Christmas - saved: A video interview with Santa's CIO

News There aren't many CIOs who could make a legitimate argument for doing the majority of their work for just one day of the year and spending the rest of the year sipping brandy and shouting...

Peter Gothard | Computing | 17 Dec 2014

Introducing Santa – businessman and technology visionary

News Back in the good old days, before the Reformation, Santa enjoyed a fairly sedate working year: children's Christmas expectations were much lower and could be easily satisfied with a...

Graeme Burton | Computing | 17 Dec 2014

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