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Theresa May to introduce plans for new internet snooping powers

News Home Secretary Theresa May is to put measures before the Commons on Wednesday that will allow the police to obtain information that links IP addresses to individual users. Under the...

John Leonard | Computing | 23 Nov 2014

Vodafone denies working with government to create network for spying on citizens

News Vodafone has denied reports that it worked with GCHQ to create the surveillance system used for the mass tracking of citizens' communications, as exposed by Edward Snowden. According...

Danny Palmer | Computing | 23 Nov 2014

Firefox dumps Google for Yahoo as default search tool

News Mozilla has announced it is changing the default search engine in its Firefox browser for the first time in its 10-year history, replacing Google with a new Yahoo Search feature. ...

Peter Gothard | Computing | 21 Nov 2014

Valve deploys Splunk to monitor Steam performance

News Valve, the developer behind the Steam digital distribution platform and games including Half-Life, Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2, has announced that it will deploy Splunk across its security...

Danny Palmer | Computing | 21 Nov 2014

Four arrests in UK for 'Ratting' computer hijacks

News Four people have been arrested in the UK on suspicion of hijacking computers using a technique known as "ratting", which takes its name from Remote Access Trojans (RATs). Another...

Peter Gothard | Computing | 21 Nov 2014

Yahoo Mail down as undersea cable is severed

News Users of Yahoo Mail have experienced disruptions for the past two days as the result of what the company says is the severing of an undersea cable. The worst affected regions seem to...

John Leonard | Computing | 21 Nov 2014

Bridging the data science skills gap

News It's no secret that the data science skills gap is still huge. The McKinsey report from 2011 which forecast a shortage of 140,000 - 190,000 data scientists in 2018 in the US alone...

Peter Gothard | Computing | 21 Nov 2014

Microsoft Azure failure explained: configuration changes sent systems into infinite loop

News On Wednesday, beginning at 00:52 GMT, Microsoft's cloud computing platform Azure was hit with a fault that took many third-party sites offline and also affected a total of 20 applications...

John Leonard | Computing | 21 Nov 2014

More than 60 per cent of UK firms have deployed Internet of Things solutions

News The UK is leading the way in the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, with more than 60 per cent of UK firms surveyed having deployed tools, according to a study conducted...

Sooraj Shah | Computing | 20 Nov 2014

Heads roll at Infosys after services firm discovered BPO division was overcharging Apple

News The back-office services unit of Indian outsourcing company Infosys has reportedly been overcharging Apple, leading to several top executives including the CFO leaving the company,...

Sooraj Shah | Computing | 20 Nov 2014

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