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'My ambition is to be the first team to have all trackside systems in the cloud,' says Caterham F1 CIO

News Caterham wants to be the first team on the Formula 1 grid to host its whole trackside IT infrastructure in the cloud. Initially founded as Team Lotus in 2010, the new outfit had to...

Danny Palmer | Computing | 30 Jul 2014

How is the role of the CISO evolving?

News In this interview, QA Training's cyber security director, Greg Newton-Ingham, explains how the increasing amount of pressure on businesses to thwart cyber attacks has led to a transformation...

Sooraj Shah | Computing | 30 Jul 2014

EU right to be forgotten 'wrong and unworkable'

News The right to be forgotten - the European court ruling compelling search engines to remove links to particular online material - is wrong in principle and unworkable, a House of Lords...

Graeme Burton | Computing | 30 Jul 2014

New job? Could you be arrested for taking your know-how with you?

Analysis Nothing suggests that an "exit interview" has gone badly wrong than when the departing employee leaves in handcuffs, but that's what happened to Kang Gao when he was about to leave...

Graeme Burton | Computing | 30 Jul 2014

Internet of Things devices riddled with security errors, claims HP

News Internet of Things (IoT) devices are riddled with basic security flaws, such as weak passwords, unencrypted network services, insecure interfaces and cross-site scripting risks. That...

Graeme Burton | Computing | 30 Jul 2014

'The clerk who’s never used any of the Office suite – why update him?' Biffa CIO David Gooding

Feature To the horror of many green-minded folk, we live in an increasingly throw-away society – which is great news for the likes of Biffa Group, one of the country’s biggest waste management...

Peter Gothard | Computing | 30 Jul 2014

What are the most sought-after cyber security skills?

News A much-talked about cyber-security skills gap has left enterprises on the hunt for technical attributes and leadership qualities. In this interview, QA Training's Cyber Security Director,...

Sooraj Shah | Computing | 29 Jul 2014

Hardware market 'does remain a focus' says BlackBerry enterprise chief

News BlackBerry will continue to focus on hardware, despite its ongoing reinvention as a dedicated enterprise mobile security company, the firm's president of enterprise services has told...

Peter Gothard | Computing | 29 Jul 2014

Executives don't think CIOs help accelerate business progress, says Forrester report

News Key business leaders don't believe their CIO or IT department accelerate the success of their departments, a new report by Forrester Research suggests. Titled 'Top Technologies For...

Danny Palmer | Computing | 29 Jul 2014

Computing research: Routes to mobility

Feature The sudden arrival of smart mobile devices four years ago proved to be a real shot in the arm for the art of software development, inspiring a massive creative surge among amateur and...

John Leonard | Computing | 29 Jul 2014

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