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US court upholds ruling granting authorities global access to data held in the cloud

News Microsoft has lost the first round of a court battle with US authorities demanding the right to access the company's servers anywhere in the world. It follows a two-hour hearing in...

Graeme Burton | Computing | 31 Jul 2014

Is your job threatened by automation?

News The future looks bright for occupational therapists and choreographers - but bleak for telemarketers and insurance underwriters. And if you are worried about being displaced by a machine,...

John Leonard | Computing | 31 Jul 2014

'Automotive electronics produces 25GB of data an hour' - what driverless cars means for IT

News With the news that driverless cars will be allowed on the UK's roads by January 2015 still fresh, IT leaders are now considering what upgrades to their infrastructure and software they...

Stuart Sumner | Computing | 31 Jul 2014

KPMG opts for ServiceNow workflow after being advised by client-facing CIO advisory board

News KPMG has started to use its own advisory practice when examining new software implementations.  It opted for IT service management (ITSM) provider ServiceNow to automate its workflow...

Sooraj Shah | Computing | 31 Jul 2014

Windows 8 is ‘too much, too quickly and too different’, says KPMG CIO

News "Big four" professional services firm KPMG will not move its whole business over to Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system because it is "too much, too quickly and too different", according...

Sooraj Shah | Computing | 31 Jul 2014

UK needs more women in tech to compete on global scale, says Education Minister

News The UK will only realise its full potential as a global technology hub if more women are encouraged to find careers within the sector, Education Minister Nick Gibb has said. A recent...

Danny Palmer | Computing | 31 Jul 2014

Now Ford dumps BlackBerry for Apple

News Ford has become the latest major company to ditch BlackBerry devices, this time in favour of Apple iPhones. The move is being made in response to staff demand. "It meets the overall...

Graeme Burton | Computing | 31 Jul 2014

The emergence of the app-based network

Opinion In business, we are beginning to see the rise of platform-based enterprise applications that, following the lead of Apple and ecosystem models, centre on highly specific app...

Computing Staff | Computing | 31 Jul 2014

Tor developers rush to plug security hole that could identify users

News The developers behind the open-source anonymous web-browsing tool Tor are rushing to patch a critical security hole after discovering a group of relays that appeared to be trying to...

Graeme Burton | Computing | 31 Jul 2014

The new business ‘ecosystem’: Tapping into a partner’s skill set

Analysis Over the years businesses have found it harder and harder to recruit specialist IT staff, leaving them with no choice but to think of new ways to access the resources and know-how they...

Sooraj Shah | Computing | 31 Jul 2014

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