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Microsoft cuts another 2,100 jobs, with more losses to come

News Microsoft has cut another 2,000 jobs as part of the firm's ongoing restructuring plans set out by CEO Satya Nadella as it shifts its focus away from software and towards cloud based...

Danny Palmer | Computing | 19 Sep 2014

Apple updates privacy policy and Tim Cook denies NSA collaboration

News Apple has used the iPhone 6 launch to update its privacy policy with an open letter from CEO Tim Cook designed to assure iPhone, iPad and future iWatch users that their personal data...

Danny Palmer | Computing | 19 Sep 2014

Top 10 IT news stories of the week: Scottish independence, Chinese hackers, iPhone 6 issues and Larry Ellison steps aside

News Security, the future, and the security of the future were some of the key issues that have drawn the attention of Computing readers over the last seven days, with these subjects making...

Danny Palmer | Computing | 19 Sep 2014

SAP acquires GlobalExpense-owner Concur for $7.3bn

News SAP has agreed to purchase US software firm Concur - perhaps best known in the UK for business expenses management tool GlobalExpense - in a deal worth $7.3bn. (£4.5bn) Concur has...

Danny Palmer | Computing | 19 Sep 2014

Ellison steps aside as Oracle CEO

News Larry Ellison, who has led Oracle as CEO since the 1970s, has stepped aside. He will stay on at Oracle as executive chairman and CTO, while the CEO role will be split between Safra...

John Leonard | Computing | 19 Sep 2014

Enterprise Mobility – understanding the cultural revolution

Analysis The working world is undergoing "disaggregation" from physical location, time and information availability constraints, says Jim Henrys, an enterprise strategist at semiconductor giant...

Stuart Sumner | Computing | 18 Sep 2014

eBay hacked, criticised for slow response

News EBay has become the victim of a cross-site scripting attack, which sent some of its users to a malicious website designed to steal their credentials. An eBay customer alerted the...

Stuart Sumner | Computing | 18 Sep 2014

Chinese hackers breached US miltary contractors

News Chinese government-backed computer hackers repeatedly breached the networks of US military contractors including airline, shipping and technology firms involved in the movement of soldiers...

Danny Palmer | Computing | 18 Sep 2014

Data analytics firms make a serious play for telematics

Feature The idea of paying less for something is always appealing to the consumer. But what if those discounts are only available if you give up some your privacy? Many would still maintain...

Sooraj Shah | Computing | 18 Sep 2014

IoT case study: reducing water leaks by smart pressure management

Analysis The current buzzphrase "Internet of Things" (IoT) dates back to 1999. It was coined by UK technologist Kevin Ashton, who was heavily involved in the development of RFID sensors. Since...

John Leonard | Computing | 18 Sep 2014

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