Securing your website against hackers and malware

By Rosie Cotterill
30 Jan 2014 View Comments
A padlock on a hard drive representing cyber security

Securing your website against hackers and malware - Computing ondemand web seminar

In today's 24/7 connected world, organisations need to support their customers with web-based services, such as online shopping and social media, to stay competitive. However, giving access to customers also means exposing these services to constantly evolving threats.

Increasingly, Cybercriminals are combining the use of vulnerabilities in websites with the use of malware to take advantage of organisations and their customers. To protect against these combined threats, organisations need cost-effective and easy-to-deploy solution to protect their web properties.

This web seminar explores the threats to organisations as they expand their usage of web-based services, and review the best strategies to protect your websites and applications from hackers and malware.

To watch this web seminar click here

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