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Getting value out of business data is a major challenge. You need to bring together enormous volumes of data across multiple platforms, applications and storage environments: including structured RDBMS data from internal apps, data from third parties in your supply chain, and sometimes unstructured data from social media and other sources. The problem will shortly be made tougher as the Internet of Things adds in huge volumes of machine to machine data – consumers are going to expect the fridge to order your groceries, and the TV to advise on whether you should retain that Netflix subscription: data analytics will be how business and consumer decisions alike are made, and those organisations that get it right now will be the ones that reap the benefits.

This page brings together all our content on analytics and the underlying platforms so you can read and learn from a single place.

Big Data Summit 2014: Analytics is taking risk out of insurance

Willis's Nigel Davis tells Big Data Summit technology is enabling insurance firm to assess individual parts of buildings for risk 27 Mar 2014

Are enterprises using the right tools to harness big data?

Are the latest big data technologies going to replace or work alongside traditional tools, asks Sooraj Shah 11 Apr 2014

Big Data Summit 2014: eBay, TfL and others use social analytics to improve customer service

Major organisations in different industries are monitoring social channels to improve their services 28 Mar 2014

Can big data and privacy coexist?

In their eagerness to harness big data for commercial gain, are enterprises showing a blatant disregard for the privacy of their customers? 08 Apr 2014

Analysis: It takes skills to explore big data

Big data concept
Sooraj Shah examines the mix of skills organisations need to undertake a successful big data project 24 Jan 2013

Who’s pulling IT’s strings?

String man
Graeme Burton examines the technology that is giving the marketing department increasing power over IT 07 May 2014

Government should use big data like Google and Amazon to tailor services, says Cabinet Office's Paul Maltby

Analyse social media to find out opinions without turning to thinktanks, he tells Computing 04 Apr 2014

Changing Times: an interview with FT CIO Christina Scott

CIO Christina Scott tells Stuart Sumner how the Financial Times uses its data to improve its service and extend the brand to new audiences via new platforms 19 May 2014

Research: Skilling up for big data

In the second of two features revealing the results of Computing research into big data adoption, John Leonard looks at where the skills gaps lie 16 Apr 2014
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