Review: Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac

By Dave Bailey 25 Nov 2011
Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac box shot Verdict: A good software package allowing users to install just about any OS on their Mac system, as a virtual machine, and also the facility to migrate their Windows desktops to Mac OS X along with their applications and settings. The big problem is that at least 4GB of system memory is needed on the Mac system itself, otherwise everything runs slowly - Mac OS X and any operating system running as a virtual machine.
Overall Rating: four star
Price: £ 64.95 inc. VAT. Student Edition £49.95 inc. VAT. Manufacturer: Parallels
Pros: Now supports Mac OS X Lion; can use Mac OS X Lion features when running Windows applications; allows allocation of graphics memory to individual applications;en running Windows apps. Cons: We had problems migrating Windows XP desktops when running Parallels DF7M under Mac OS X Snow Leopard; users need high memory spec Macs (4GB recommended) for Windows OS installs having large numbers of applications.
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