Review: Apple Thunderbolt Display

By Dave Bailey 08 Nov 2011
Apple Thunderbolt Display front view Verdict: A very good, if expensive, monitor for connecting to Apple hardware that has a Thunderbolt connection. The LED backlighting and IPS features of the display only partially explain the high price of the display. You can't use the display unless you have Mac hardware with a Thunderbolt connection. The display would be a better product if it had USB 3.0 connectivity, rather than the 10x slower USB 2.0 ports currently used.  
Overall Rating: four star
Price: £ 899 inc. VAT Manufacturer: Apple
Pros: Ability to use monitor as a hub for connecting various FireWire and Thunderbolt peripherals; good colour representation. Cons: No USB 3.0 ports; lack of ability to connect anything other than a Thunderbolt-enabled system to the monitor i.e. no DVI, HDMI, Mini DisplayPort or VGA ports to connect to desktops or laptops with these connections; glossy screen is subject to annoying reflections.
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