Review: Windows 8 Developer Preview

By Dave Bailey 24 Oct 2011
Windows 8 start screen Verdict: The Windows 8 interface is basically lifted from Microsoft's Mango phone interface and transferred to the desktop. This is not bad, but the Mango interface part of Windows 8 is mainly concerned with content consumption, and works better with touch screen capabilities on user hardware, than standard non-touch hardware. When fine input is needed, a keyboard and mouse is easier to use. A key question resulting from our assessment of this developer preview is which versions of Windows 8 will have UEFI enabled, which could lock out other operating systems from being deployed. There is also the question of whether application developers will port their Windows 7-style applications onto the Windows 8 touch-centric Metro-style platform. Windows 8 is still at an early stage so the design of the interface may change in the next development stage - which will be the first Windows 8 beta.  
Overall Rating: three star
Price: £ Free to download Manufacturer: Microsoft
Pros: A good operating system for content consumption; good tools for developers to code Windows 8 Metro-style apps. Cons: USB 3.0 connectivity didn’t work on the tablet itself; keyboard and mouse users will find it difficult to use the new Windows Phone-like part of the user interface.
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