First Look: Microsoft Windows 8 Developer Preview

By Dave Bailey 23 Sep 2011
Samsung Windows 8 Tablet PC Verdict: An interesting developer preview from Redmond, which is likely to change drastically once all the feedback from users is in. The upgraded user interface in Windows 8 looks like Windows Phone Mango in appearance, but the live tiles did function well considering this was a developer preview. Expect Windows 8 to change significantly before it finally sees the light of day. A final release before the end of 2012 looks to be a bit optimistic, but Microsoft can't really afford to let Apple and Google have more than 18 months to refine iOS and Android.
Overall Rating: three star
Price: £ Free download Manufacturer: Microsoft
Pros: Like Android and iOS, quick to get hold of personal data, and good as a content consumption device. Cons: USB 3.0 connectivity didn’t work on the tablet; difficult to run Windows accessory apps like calculator, paint etc; lots of crashes; battery life not good enough on x86 systems at around three hours.
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