Review: HP Officejet 100 Mobile Printer

By Dave Bailey 25 Jul 2011
HP Officejet 100 Mobile Printer L411a product shot Verdict: Mobile road warriors who need decent quality A4-printed documents where there are no printers or local print services could be tempted by the Officejet 100, although it does weigh 2.5kg. Print quality is good, but inkjet cartridges are relatively expensive at about £20 for individual black and colour cartridges. There are no cartridges supplied with the printer – these have to be purchased separately. Cartridge life expectancy depends on the type of documents printed – standard documents could see print cartridges last signifcantly longer than if high-resolution colour photos are being printed.
Overall Rating: four star
Price: £ £250 + VAT - including black and colour printer cartridges at about £20 each Manufacturer: HP
Pros: Easy to set up; decent print quality. Cons: Not that light at 2.5kg; inkject cartridges not included in the intial printer purchase price.
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