Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Workstation review

By Dave Bailey 09 Dec 2010
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 config screen shot Verdict: Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux 6 Desktop and Workstation operating systems are a real option for enterprise deployment. We had no problems setting up the applications bundled in with version 6. The only driver/inhibitor for corporate rollout is how savvy firms’ workforces are with Linux, and the depth of Microsoft infrastructure they already have in place.
Overall Rating: four star
Price: £ 34 RHEL 6 Desktop (self-support) one year licence. RHEL 6 Workstation one year licence £123 (self-support), £206 (standard support). Manufacturer: Red Hat
Pros: Small memory footprint; free applications available through Fedora software repository; good OS stability; long term [10-year] OS support. Cons: Can't use NTFS partitions – whether hard disks or Flash drives.
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