Technology Barometer: Fall in green IT interest explained

Cobalt partner Chris Williams talks about the power of the iPad, the apparent drop in interest in green IT and the IT jobs market
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The seventh Technology Barometer is the combined result of a survey of Computing readers and that of clients of corporate finance and technology adviser Cobalt.

The survey compares trends seen by technology buyers (CTOs, CIOs and the like) and technology vendors. In the attached video, Cobalt partner, Chris Williams, discusses the latest barometer's key findings.

1) He explains that vendors are expressing considerably less interest in green IT than has been the case in other recent quarters. Williams explains that green IT is less a motivator in terms of enhancing a company's brand, and it is starting to be seen as a genuine efficiency driver. He expects interest in the area to increase over the coming quarters.

2) In terms of take-up of new staff, IT buyers and IT suppliers have quite different approaches. IT suppliers have weathered the downturns of the past decade; however, as Williams explains, buyers are still reluctant to take on new staff as they are still waiting for the public sector cuts to bite.

3) Williams also gives his views on whether Apple is likely to win mass-market share in business IT with the iPad and iPhone. Much of it depends on Apple's aims, he argues.

Colbalt questioned 80 of its IT supplier customers, while 200 of Computing's research panel of IT decision-makers responded.



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