The internet runs out of memory, and the unhackable is hacked: Top 10 IT news stories of the week

By Peter Gothard
15 Aug 2014 View Comments
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The internet is out of memory, an unhackable phone is hacked, and Apple continues to struggle to maintain its behemothic position in the tablet industry.

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On the other hand, the NHS is seeing some encouraging budget-saving IT solutions, and we're still really enjoying Microsoft's Surface Pro 3.

Swings and roundabouts in IT this week, as you can tell by checking out Computing's top ten most-read stories.

10. "Unhackable" Blackphone hacked in minutes

Sad but true: SGP Technologies' Blackphone was hacked in mere minutes this week at the DefCon hacking conference in Las Vegas. Root access was achieved by @TeamAndIRC, but one flaw has been described as "innocuous" while another SGP has already claimed to have patched.

9. New iPad production is underway - but can Apple overturn flagging sales?

Apple's apparently knocking out its next generation of multi-sized tablets and phones, but we asked whether small iterations are now enough to keep a company previously lauded for its innovation in a growth state.

8. NHS set to save millions as botched NPfIT storage deals come to an end

The NHS could save up to 90 per cent of its storage hardware procurement costs, as the discredited National Programme for IT (NpfIT) is finally coming to a close. Hospitals were previously locked into purchasing out-of-date hardware under fixed prices.

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