Backbytes: Braintree GP surgery's zero-tolerance of social-media whiners

By Backbytes
12 Aug 2014 View Comments

Social media, who needs it? Life's bad enough trying to hit 17 deadlines at once without the dastardly oiks below-the-line and on social media pointing out all your basic factual errors and spelling mistakes.

That's why Backbytes has plenty of sympathy with the practice manager, Alison Rudkin, at a GP surgery in Braintree, Essex.

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According to a prominent poster in its waiting room, it has a "zero tolerance policy" towards online criticism, particularly Twitter or Facebook.

Rudkin complains that online comments amount to a form of bullying, especially when they mentioned staff by name or, horror of horrors, used naughty words. "Those sort of comments and that sort of language is a form of bullying," Rudkin told the BBC.

"Any comments we see on social media sites may be seen as a breach of our 'zero tolerance policy' it passively-aggressively advises. But "we are happy to deal with your comments/complaints in the usual way".

What? Out the back, by the dustbins, with baseball bats? Surely not...

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