Theft, breaches and ICO warnings: Top 10 IT news stories of the week

By Peter Gothard
08 Aug 2014 View Comments
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It's been a week dominated by doom and gloom in the security sector, but at least we got some good news about Microsoft's latest hybrid tablet outing...

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10. 'Russian cyber gang' steals 4.5 billion usernames and passwords

A Russian hacking gang nicknamed "CyberVor" was this week found to be holding the largest known cache of stolen data, comprising 4.5 billion records that contains an estimated 1.2 billion username and password combinations unique to the gang.

Exploiting SQL injection flaws seems to be the main way the gang grabbed the unique data, while the rest was obtained from the wider black market.
Many industry experts are now calling for new ways to secure user data over and above email and password combinations.

9. Sophos implements Zuora, Adobe Campaign, Salesforce and SAP in major transformational programme

Sophos told us how it's overhauled its 20 global offices with solutions from Salesforce, SAP, Zuora and Adobe, with apparently hugely productive results.

"We had a set of platforms that had evolved over time, a lot of organic in-house development solutions that were well suited to our organisation at the time, but my role was to address how this was going to change in line with where Sophos wanted to go," CIO Jason Richards told Computing.

"We knew what we wanted to do with products, but we were a bit nervous with whether the back office and internal IT were going to enable and support that transformation," he added.

8. 2e2 finally ceases to exist - with gaping £257m shortfall owed to creditors

Systems integrator 2e2 - long bankrupt and leaving many of its customers in the lurch without their data since going bust in 2013 - finally ceased to exist this week.

In what the company called its "last progress report", the company said its only preferential creditors are employees in respect to certain claims in relation to wages arrears, holidays and pensions. It seems unlikely contractors will be able to claim.

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