Backbytes: ICO gets hacked. Investigates itself. Will probably decide to be lenient

By Backbytes
16 Jul 2014 View Comments
ICO's Christopher Graham

How embarrassing. One day, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is lecturing organisations about their lackadaisical attitude to information security, the next, it's being hacked itself - and apparently keeping it very quiet indeed.

The news comes just one convenient day after the ICO itself had been demanding more taxpayer sheckels in order to deal with a record number of complaints.

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The embarrassing breach was revealed in the organisation's annual report, which it described as a "non-trivial data security incident" that prompted a "full internal investigation".

However, the ICO has been remarkably coy about revealing any more information about the incident. Indeed, shouldn't it have press released it like it does with so many other embarrassing lapses in security?

Presumably, information commissioner Christopher Graham will be administering himself a firm slap on the wrist and will fine his own organisation accordingly.


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