BT broadband service outages reported [updated]

By John Leonard
28 Jun 2014 View Comments
BT man with Windows 8 Toughbook

BT broadband users are experiencing problems with intermittent, incomplete or non-existent connectivity in certain regions of the UK this morning. According to a recorded message on the BT helpline the regions affected are those with STD codes 01829, 0141 and 01503. Email is not affected the company says.

However, the problems seem to be spread wider than that. For example, from the 0208 region many sites are unavailable - including itself. Other sites unreachable from this region include Twitter, Ebay, Computing and the Guardian, although many such as Yahoo, BBC and Telegraph are available.

The BT message says that engineers are working to fix the problems.

Update: As of 11.25am the issues in the 0208 area appear to have been resolved.

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