Enterprise Mobility Summit 2014: Consumer IT has overtaken enterprise technology - Globo

By Sooraj Shah
12 Jun 2014 View Comments
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Consumer IT has not always led the enterprise in terms of technology innovation, according to Globo's marketing director of Europe, Yad Jaura – but it does now.

Jaura, who was speaking at Computing's annual Enterprise Mobility Summit in London today, was alluding to the launch of consumer applications on smartphones and tablets that he said were easier to use than many enterprise alternatives.

This has left many enterprises having to play catch-up, according to Jaura.

"Now we are seeing far better experiences with consumer apps than enterprise apps," he said.

"The iPhone and Android devices have shown a completely different user experience. No longer do they have a 20th century of user options but they are 21st century experiences. We're no longer relying on the keyboard, mouse and historic ways of doing it," he added.

Earlier at the conference, Paul Whitby, London and US head of client-facing technology at UBS, told delegates that consumer IT had always led enterprise IT, but Jaura disputed this.

"I disagree with that, I think it has flipped [recently] but 20 years ago enterprise was way ahead; the first phone I had was enterprise provided, and now I've got an iPhone," he said.

"We're at the behest of fashion when it comes to the consumerisation of IT," he added.


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