Huawei promises 10x faster Wi-Fi speeds than currently available

By Peter Gothard
02 Jun 2014 View Comments
A sign with the Huawei logao

Huawei has claimed to have managed a data transfer rate of 10.53Gbps using the IEEE 802.11ax specification on the 5GHz frequency band.

This is around 10 times faster than anything currently available on the market – an achievement Huawei is calling an "important milestone".

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The current 802.11ac standard, which only allows for 1Gbps, has been exceeded by a combination of "MIMO-OFDA, intelligent spectrum allocation, interference coordination and hybrid access", Huawei said.

MIMO, which stands for multiple in, multiple out, basically involves using multiple transmission antenna at both ends of the connection, while OFDA - orthogonal frequency division access - is a method of dividing data sub-carriers between different data streams.

"As the demand for ultra-fast connectivity for smartphone applications continues to drive the need for higher data transmission rates, the next generation of Wi-Fi access will need to deliver a better user experience," Huawei said in a statement.

"Especially in densely populated environments requiring high density deployment such as enterprise offices, airports, stadiums, shopping malls and coffee shops," it continued.

While both Google and BT have been working on speeding up Wi-Fi for several years, Huawei has been working with the IEEE 802.11ax standard in its labs since 2010.


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