Morson Group selects Intuitive Dashboards over "really, really expensive" QlikView

By Sooraj Shah
07 May 2014 View Comments
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Oil and gas sector recruitment firm Morson Group has selected Intuitive Dashboards over alternatives including QlikView, claiming that the firm will save £123,902 annually as a result of implementing the solution.

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Morson identified that using spreadsheets to display data to clients was not effective enough, and started looking at the market to differentiate itself from its competitors. Its clients wanted access to reliable data that was presented graphically.

"People can understand information much more easily when they see it presented graphically, and also have a lot more confidence in it. With spreadsheets, they seem to get lost in the data in no time," Stinus Andersen, business systems and compliance manager at Morson Group, explained.

Andersen told Computing that he was always a big fan of dashboards, so the firm started looking at the different propositions in the dashboard market.

"Most players are American and huge and extremely expensive," said Anderson. "We kept having demos, and it was a lot more [functionality] than we needed - we are not Bank of America."

Another problem, Andersen said, was that the vendors were based in the US, meaning that when he had any questions he would have to wait for someone from California to call him back.

"Just by searching online I came across Intuitive, who are based in Manchester. Their product is relatively simple compared to the big players but it also means it is easy to use and requires a short implementation," he explained.

"We wanted a UK-based provider who could offer exceptional customer service, ongoing technical support, and that was as interested in our business needs and objectives as we were.

"After looking at three dashboard solutions in detail, Intuitive Dashboards' simple and easy-to-use capabilities and very fast return on investment made it the obvious choice for us."

QlikView was "really, really expensive" according to Andersen, and the functionality of some of the bigger US players, including QlikView, was to enable any department to develop their own dashboards. This wasn't something that Morson Group needed.

"We do it centrally and not department by department, so I have a business analyst who works on it with me, so I didn't need the ability for everyone to do it. The Intuitive solution better suits a company of our size," he said.

"In terms of pricing, any dashboard provider is a bit like buying a car: you find out how much the car is and then realise that the rest you have to pay for as add-ons. With Intuitive, it was this price and that was it, and that's what really got me on board."

The real clincher, he said, was the support Morson received from the technical team.

"They spent time analysing our needs, giving us full confidence in the process we were to embark upon," he said.

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