Samsung goes on the attack against Apple in patent battle

By Sooraj Shah
22 Apr 2014 View Comments
Apple Slide to Unlock Patent

South Korean firm Samsung has taken a stab back at Apple for infringing two of its patents, after Apple made patent infringement claims of $2.19bn (£1.3bn) against its arch rival.

Samsung first defended the amount it should owe Apple if a jury finds that it infringed the Cupertino, California-based firm's technology.

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It suggested that it should only owe $6m (£3.6m) for the alleged infringement, and called on Judith Chevalier, a Yale University business school professor, to make its case that it should be paying only 35 cents (3.5 pence) per phone that uses the technology - rather than Apple's demand of more than $40 (£24) a phone.

Apple had accused Samsung of infringing on its "slide to unlock" feature, and its "tap from search" feature, which enables users to tap onto a phone number within any webpage to begin a call, among other patents.

Chevalier argued that as many of Samsung's devices used all five of the patents in question, and that all had differing amounts of successes and profitability - there were other determining factors to making those devices an attractive proposition for consumers. This was in response to Apple's view that it was the five patents in question that were the drivers for purchasing the devices.

Samsung then went on the attack, claiming that Apple has infringed its transmission of compressed video over cellular networks patent - through its FaceTime app, and the classification of images and video in a digital library. Both patents - which were filed for in 1994 and 1997 respectively - were acquired by Samsung more recently. In total, Samsung alleges that eight Apple products including the iPhone 5 and versions of the iPad and iPod Touch infringe on the two patents.

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