Blockchain hits out at Apple 'monopoly' after bitcoin app removed from iOS store

By Danny Palmer
06 Feb 2014 View Comments

Apple has banned Blockchain, the latest remaining bitcoin wallet from the iOS App Store citing "unresolved issues" with the application.

Blockchain, which describes itself as a team "passionate about making Bitcoin accessible to anyone, anywhere" was the most popular app for storing the virtual currency, with over 120,000 downloads.

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The group has hit back at Apple, and claims the iPhone and iPad producer didn't give any prior notice that the application was to be removed.

"Apple's official communication says that the app was removed because of an 'unresolved issue', a claim that cannot even be disputed and boils down to 'because we said so'," read a Blockchain blog post.

"There was no communication prior to removal of this popular app, no indication of any problems and no opportunity to redress any issues, making a mockery of the claim that there was an 'unresolved issue'."

Blockchain argues that Apple's move is an attempt by the firm to operate a monopoly when it comes to method of payment.

"On Wednesday February 5th, Apple attempted to strike a devastating blow to the bitcoin ecosystem on iOS by removing Blockchain, the last remaining bitcoin wallet app, from the App Store," said the blog post, which suggested that Google is set to make gains through bitcoin due to the decision.

"Offering no explanation and no opportunity to address any issues, without any apparent change in circumstances other than the growing popularity of the independent and competitive payment system, Apple has eradicated their payment competition on iOS and left the bitcoin space entirely to competing mobile OSs like Google's Android," it said.

Blockchain added that the move demonstrated Apple has an anti-competitive streak which seeks to undermine non-Apple ways of doing business.

"These actions by Apple once again demonstrate the anti-competitive and capricious nature of the App Store policies that are clearly focused on preserving Apple's monopoly on payments rather than based on any consideration of the needs and desires of their users," said the post.

"Bitcoin's use for international payments from family members sending money home to support entire communities in the developing world and for charity fundraising and fund distribution will be severely affected by this decision.

"As of Wednesday, bitcoin is no longer available to those using iOS devices, once again leaving them to the mercy of oppressive currency controls and governments in some of the worst regimes in the world," the post concluded.

Apple has yey to comment on the removal of Blockchain.

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