Google handed Wikileaks volunteers' Gmail accounts to NSA, targets reveal

By Peter Gothard
24 Jun 2013 View Comments

Two Wikileaks volunteers have revealed that Google released data from their Gmail accounts to the US government under the secret, legally enforced information seizures being made by the  Prism security group.

Since Prism, and the secret, globe-spanning court orders that allow its activity, were made public earlier this month, several tech companies - as well as the UK government - have been forced to come clean about some of the data changing hands.

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No official confirmation has been offered that the court orders from the NSA to provide the information on Icelanders Smari McCarthy and Herbert Snorrason coincides with an ongoing investigation on the site being carried out by a federal jury in Virginia.

Information on McCarthy and Snorrason was demanded as far back as July 2011, asking for "records and other information" of McCarthy's Gmail account, as well as "preserved copies of emails... draft e-mails and deleted e-mails" from Snorrason's account. "The source and destination addresses associated with each e-mail, the date and time at which e-mail was sent, and the size and length of e-mail" was also demanded of Snorrason's Gmail account.

Snorrason stated his outrage on his website, saying "what I am allowed to know is that Google has been compelled to hand over all e-mail associated with my GMail account, every shred of information they had on my identity, and anything I'd uploaded to a Google service."

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