Samsung reveals Ativ Q: a tablet that runs both Windows 8 and Android

By Peter Gothard
21 Jun 2013 View Comments

Samsung has unveiled a hybrid tablet that runs both Windows 8 and Android, jumping on a trend that has already seen Asus reveal a product with a similar dual-OS build.

The 13.3in tablet-laptop hybrid runs both Windows 8 (the full version, not RT) and Android's Jelly Bean platform, theoretically giving users the best of both worlds in terms of Windows 8's legacy PC compatibility, but Android's better-stocked apps ecosystem.

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With two devices appearing from two major mobile hardware makers in just a fortnight, the advent of such OS-splitting hardware could set a worrying precedent for Microsoft, should a trend develop.

With Windows 8 still struggling to find a foothold as a mobile and apps platform, device manufacturers deferring to Android would only serve to strengthen Google's market share, while potentially making Windows 8 even less attractive.

The Ativ Q uses Intel's new, fast Haswell chip, and Samsung says the battery life is a hugely respectable nine hours.

Samsung also revealed the Ativ Tab 3 – another Windows 8 tablet – which it called the world's thinnest tablet device, and the Galaxy NX – a camera with changeable lenses, 4G data transfer capacity and integrated Android platform support.

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