Apple iOS watch with smartphone features reportedly in development

By Danny Palmer
11 Feb 2013 View Comments

Apple is testing designs for a watch capable of operating as a smartphone-like device, according to people claiming inside knowledge on the matter. 

Both The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times cite sources that say Apple is developing a smartphone-watch hybrid. The company is reported to be experimenting with wearable machines made of curved glass and running on Apple's iOS mobile software.

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Foxconn, the Taiwanese manufacturer that produces components for Apple products including the iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini, is said to be in talks about providing parts for the device.

Apple has declined to comment on the reports, which suggest the device could be capable of sending and receiving text messages and phone calls, and of responding to Siri voice-based commands.

However, while such a product might sound innovative, Apple isn't the first organisation to experiment with the idea of a watch with smartphone-like capabilities. Indeed, last year saw Pebble Technology take to Kickstarter in order to launch Pebble, an e-watch compatible with Apple and Android software.

The firm had been working on watch-like mobile devices for over three years when the campaign was launched with the funding target of $100,000. Pebble Technology ended its Kickstarter project with crowd-sourced funds of over $10,000,000.

According to Pebble Technology, the device is capable of email, Twitter, calendar alerts and more, which makes the reported Apple device seem rather familiar.

Apple has somewhat regularly needed to deal with accusations it isn't as innovative as it once was. Indeed, it has been accused of being behind when it comes to software design.

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