PSN to connect up to 52 service providers in Yorkshire and Humberside

By Peter Gothard
30 Jan 2013 View Comments

"In our bidding process, we set out very clearly how we would like service providers in the community to respond to our requirements and to our service needs," said Prowling, "and from a contractual point of view we set out very clearly what the service levels were going to be around the network infrastructure, and how they would support service requests, and more importantly what the remedies would be in the event they failed to meet our service needs."

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"It's early days yet, but we've not been disappointed with what we've seen," added Prowling.

"But why go out and make your own, when so much time and effort has been put into laying out national frameworks? We used national frameworks to save money."

The first contract - with Leeds - has been signed, and Prowling admitted it's going to "take a number of years, to be blunt" before the touted 5.5 million people see any benefits from the PSN solutions. This is largely due to the need to dispense with incumbent contracts, he said.

"Some of the partners have got two years to run on their existing incumbent contracts, [but] I'm quite sure the teams from Virgin can look creatively at how to transition partners as soon as possible while minimising penalties from terminating [contracts]," said Prowling.

"With limited funds, it's essential that public sector organisations are getting the most out of their resources," said Jeff Wollen, executive director, public sector, Virgin Media Business.

"Now organisations in Yorkshire and Humberside will be able to streamline their network infrastructure with a single access point for all PSN services. Partners in the region can benefit from PSN services no matter what size they are, meaning they can provide more effective services to their citizens."

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