US prepared to walk out of ITU talks over internet regulation

By Graeme Burton
10 Dec 2012 View Comments
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Computer scientist Vint Cerf, widely regarded as one of the "fathers of the internet", has also campaigned against ITU interference in the functioning and governance of the internet. During congressional hearings, he said: "The open internet has never been at higher risk than it is now. A new international battle is brewing – a battle that will determine the future of the internet."

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Over the weekend, the US-based Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) sent an open letter to ITU secretary general Hamadoun Touré, criticising the process behind the ITU's WCIT negotiations.

It had promised an open process, enabling civil society groups to participate, but the CDT claimed that the ITU had put numerous barriers in the way of such participation.

"For months, we have called attention to the fundamental flaws in the ITU process, noting its closed, non-transparent nature and the limited degree to which civil society can participate in the proceedings. Indeed, each and every option for involvement that the ITU has offered to civil society comes with significant barriers to legitimate, equitable participation." 

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