Case study: Knowledge management at Slaughter & May

By Sooraj Shah
15 Nov 2012 View Comments


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Martin explained that there were several challenges for the firm in ensuring that the installation of Recommind's solution went smoothly.

"First, we decided that we needed to wait for the introduction of IE8. At the time we were still using IE6 and in order to get full functionality [from the solution] we were waiting for Windows 7," he said.

To migrate the data out of the Hummingbird platform, S&M built a new database using Autonomy software.

A third challenge was implementing changes to the solution by taking on board user comments; this included a lot of fine-tuning to the appearance of the user interface.


Martin claimed that the system is easier and quicker to use than Humminbird's platform, resulting in lawyers finding the items they want more frequently and quickly. This has also resulted in people adding more content to the system.

"The system has been received well, lawyers find it easier to work with, less hassle to get the information they want. The platform technically is solid and it does what it's meant to do," Martin said.

One of system's main strengths is that it does not require a lot of training to use, said Martin.

"We wanted it to be intuitive so people can use the system with minimal guidance, and we saw that as a result of releasing the software that it was exactly what we wanted; 15-minute training sessions tailored depending on the employee," Martin said.

The solution is designed primarily for use by the firms 700 lawyers in London and Brussels, but all staff can access it via the organisation's intranet.

In the future, Martin said that along with being able to search the personal intranet, users will be able to search the firm's secure intranet using the tool.

"We are also going to be plugging in other data sources in addition to our database and our intranet. For example we will be plugging into our library of physical books," Martin said.

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