Post-4G problems continue to plague Orange customers

By Peter Gothard
07 Nov 2012 View Comments
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Orange customers are still experiencing problems with 3G and general telephone network coverage since EE's 4G rollout over a week ago.

Computing has received a torrent of complaints from Orange customers, whose infrastructure was merged with T-Mobile's to form EE, in response to last Thursday's story about a nationwide service outage, which the company claimed had been restored later that day. 

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But users continue to experience a range of problems, from slow 3G service all the way through to complete network outages, making them unable to make calls or use data.

Many of the issues seem to be localised to various parts of London. 

Orange has so far been unable to offer its contract customers any explanation for the network problems. 

One user told Computing, "I've been in contact with Orange several times now, and they can't understand why I have no/weak service. Walking around West Hampstead where I live I have none whatsoever."

He added: "I was in Hendon a couple of days ago and managed to get a signal – not 3G – but that's been about it. Service went down eight days ago when I was in Portsmouth. I've tried all over London and got no service at Waterloo, Bermondsey, Hampstead, St John's Wood... I haven't tried around the West End except for Waterloo."

The user explained how a quick Twitter search with the term "EE & 3G" displays a wealth of continuing problems reported by other users.

"Thankfully, my contract is up so I'm just going to look for another provider, but would have liked to have remained with Orange as they've been great up until now.

"If Orange were to admit that they had a problem and were working on it, then I would hang on with a temporary PAYG [phone contract] from another provider until Orange sorted themselves out. But I don't even know if they are trying to fix this so am leaving."

Another user has told Computing that they have had a consistent "no network coverage" message on their phone since the day of the EE changeover, on 30 October.

"Orange customer services have been very polite, but they have not been honest with me. I was advised to get a new phone and when that didn't work they implied it was the new phone, not their fault! The only reason I was hanging on was because I didn't want to lose my PAYG balance, but there are limits..."

A member of Computing editorial staff working from home in south-east London yesterday also experienced two hours of complete telephone network outage, unable to make or receive calls.

Orange has told Computing it will need to carry out localised diagnostics tests before it can offer more information, but promised yesterday that when tests have been completed, the company can "send over an official statement". 

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