Apple is 'behind in software design'

By Danny Palmer
24 Sep 2012 View Comments
iPhone screening show clock and weather apps not updating

Apple is behind when it comes to software interface design. So says Yves Béhar, the man behind the One Laptop Per Child organisation.

He made the remarks while speaking at 100% Design, a design trade show at London's Earls Court exhibition centre, bemoaning the fact that software interfaces are rarely designed to complement the hardware they are intended to run on.

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"What I've been really interested in is, when [software and hardware] get designed together, as one, really new interesting paradigms, really new interesting experiences are happening," he said, as reported by DeZeen magazine

"And let me say just one thing; probably it's going to be a little bit provocative: nobody is really doing that today. Even Apple is designing their product and their software separately."

Béhar rejected the skeuomorphism of Apple products – describing how the sleek modern look of the firm's hardware contrasts with the more traditional design of its applications. He explained this using the example of the iPad's Notebook app.

"You could say: 'I don't know what a tablet is, I've never used a tablet. Let's make it look like a book. Or let's make it look like my leather-bound notepad.' Obviously they didn't go there with the hardware so why did they go there with the software? It's a really good question," he said.

"There's now many companies looking at it in a way that's quite interesting and Apple actually is a little bit behind in that area."

Béhar added that the field represents "a whole new blue ocean" for software interface designers.

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