Microsoft rebrands Metro as 'Modern'

By Stuart Sumner
13 Aug 2012 View Comments
A Microsoft Surface tablet showing the Windows 8 metro interface and windows 8 logo

Microsoft has settled on the term 'Modern UI' in its attempt to rebrand the Metro interface on its forthcoming Windows 8 platform.

The software giant was forced to dump the Metro name earlier this month following discussions with German retail firm Metro AG, one of its European partners, which owns a trademark on the name.

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At the time, Microsoft insisted the interface was never really intended to be known as Metro, which it claimed was only ever an internal development name.

Continuing very much in the same vein, the company now appears to be attempting to convince the world that Modern UI was always going to be the brand for the tile-based interface, and has done a 'search and replace' job across the majority of its extensive web presence.

However, at the time of writing, some references to Metro can still be found on some Microsoft sites.

While rebranding such a major and much-hyped - by Microsoft itself - part of its new operating system this close to launch will not be seen as ideal by the software firm, it is unlikely to impede sales to any great extent. Major enterprise customers are unlikely to adopt the platform for at least year, as most commonly wait for potential stability and performance issues to be ironed out.

By that time, the term Modern UI is likely to have become widely accepted, and any controversy surrounding this potential stumbling block will be forgotten.

Windows 8 will be released on 26 October this year.

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