Samsung, HP reveal new tablets to keep heat on Apple and Google

By Sooraj Shah
31 Jul 2012 View Comments
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Samsung is to keep the heat on Apple and Google with a new tablet device that was revealed in court documents, while a mystery tablet has been spotted on an HP advertisement.

Court documents from Apple and Samsung's patent case have revealed that the South Korean firm is working on a tablet codenamed "P10", according to the Verge.

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The "P10" tablet is said to include 4G LTE connectivity and an 11.8in display at a 2560 x 1600 resolution.

Samsung supplies LCDs and AMOLEDs [Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode – another type of screen], and the screen for its next tablet, according to the documents, will compete with the new iPad's Retina display, which has a resolution of 2048 by 1536 pixels.

Meanwhile, HP has released a YouTube advertisement entitled Make it Matter that features an unknown tablet that could be the first HP Windows 8 device, scheduled for release on 26 October.

The short clip shows a tablet with a silver back, a black bar on the top and a HP logo in the middle.

A user comment below the video suggests that this will be a Windows 8 powered device:

"The tablet shown in at the end of the commerical is Windows 8 full as in not RT. So it's a full powered Intel computer that you can hold in your hand like an iPad," wrote YouTube user obwoho.

It has a different look to the HP TouchPad, which did not fare well in the tablet market. The TouchPad ran on webOS and was sold at a discounted rate when HP suspended its production line amid poor sales.

HP has so far not commented on the device.

Last month, Google entered the tablet market with its Google Nexus 7, while Microsoft announced that it would enter the tablet fray with its Surface device.

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