Rackspace pencils in mid-August for UK launch of OpenStack

By Graeme Burton
01 Aug 2012 View Comments
Cloud computing

The formal launch on 15 August will open up Rackspace's service, which had been run in beta by a limited number of major organisations, to all-comers.

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"On the 15th, we will launch the cloud service element, the cloud databases, the control panel and that will be quickly followed over the next couple of months by the block storage side of it," said Beighton.

"The key for cloud users interested in OpenStack is that they get to use it effectively and get to understand how the APIs for all the ones that don't want to get locked in and want to be able to use multiple other clouds," he added.

OpenStack has been promoted heavily by Rackspace in recent months.

"It's everything from the control panel to database-as-a-service to compute to storage to networking," said Rackspace CEO Lanham Napier. "For the past year and a half, once we had launched OpenStack and rewritten our cloud to run on it, we are finally ready to release it to the world on a broad basis."

Current users of OpenStack include HP, AT&T, Korea Telecom and Deutsche Telekom, which created a "business marketplace" based on OpenStack.

OpenStack is completely open source, added Beighton, which means that any individual, organisation or IT supplier could take the code and re-engineer it for their own purposes – provided they abide by the open source licence.

While development has been led by Rackspace, OpenStack is run by an elected foundation which, crucially, also owns the intellectual property around OpenStack – not Rackspace or any other vendor.

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