Microsoft "delivers again" with Office 2013 says industry

By Peter Gothard
17 Jul 2012 View Comments

There were positive responses from the IT industry in the aftermath of Microsoft's Office 2013 reveals in San Francisco this week.

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Jason Spooner, director of technology for IT solutions firm Intelligence, responded positively to Office 2013's general interface.

"It's so clean," he said. "Every area's been improved. So even the process of adding a document or formatting it is just that little bit more efficient or simple."

The cloud-based nature of Sharepoint, said Spooner, will also alleviate past growing pains.

"We've grown up through various versions of Sharepoint, and certainly upgrading and moving between platforms has been challenging. But now it's cloud-based, you won't need to go through that upgrade pain again. You'll just consume it; it'll be more of an iterative process," remarked Spooner.

As a reseller of Microsoft software solutions, Spooner is hearing nothing but encouraging noises from clients who have sampled Office 2013's possibilities.

"There's a lot of interest in it from our customers," he said. "Many of our corporate customers never even took the move through Vista to Windows 7, so we've got a number of users who are on XP and older versions of Office, but they've been waiting for this because they're much more cloud aware, so it's not an on-premise installation."

Robert Bartelt, CTO at The Children's Hospital in Philadelphia, has viewed Office 2013 from a coder's viewpoint, and is enthused by the Sharepoint ecosystem and Apps for Office.

"I look at it and I say ‘What do I have to engineer, and what is Microsoft going to engineer for me?'. There's a lot that comes right off my plate. I just don't have to worry," Bartelt told Computing.

Bartelt described multi-version functionality on one app as "the holy grail for being able to do upgrades and the like".

"It really lets you concentrate on just running the business," he added.

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