Apps for Office makes Office 2013 unique, claims Microsoft

By Peter Gothard
17 Jul 2012 View Comments

Hough was keen to promote Apps for Office as the key standout feature of this new Office 365 when compared to rival cloud-based products such as those from Google and Libre.

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"I don' t know that there's very many competitors today with what we've just unveiled with Office," Hough told Computing.

"When you look at the rich clients connected to our service, the deep functionality we're offering in the service, our web experiences, our existing mobile capabilities across the full sweep of apps and services, I think we're investing enormously in advancing productivity, collaboration and communication," said Hough.

Skydrive Pro

Other additions to the revamped Office 365 include Skydrive Pro, an enhanced version of the existing Skydrive which offers greater powers to provisioning by IT departments. Skydrive Pro has a client, explained Hough, which can be installed on multiple machines to Sync data with a tighter degree of governance.

An enhanced preview mode for documents, which Microsoft is calling Rich Preview, also gives such detail as animated Powerpoint slides, full file information and even detailed information on people in an Office 365 network all before content has been downloaded from the cloud.

Hough also showcased a greater degree of hands-on governance in the new Office 365, showing how Outlook now supplies "Policy Tips" when sensitive information such as credit card or bank account numbers is typed into email subjects. However, Hough also explained how it will be possible for IT departments to completely disallow such content to be sent at all, thus helping users avoid accidentally giving away critical information.

"Much of the information leakage from companies is inadvertent," said Hough.

The rumour that it will be possible to edit PDF files in Office was also confirmed to an extent, as Hough showcased Office's new ability to interpret PDF data. Known as PDF Reflow, it can place words and even tables from PDF documents into Office, rebuilding them intelligently into tables for Word or data for Excel.

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