‘I’m not a fan of BYOD’ says Visa Europe CTO

By Peter Gothard
21 Jun 2012 View Comments

Visa Europe CTO Adam Banks (pictured) has come out firmly on the side of BYOD sceptics, in an exclusive interview with Computing.

Banks said there was a possibility of "an increase in some form of device independence" in the next couple of years, but stressed that this did not mean he was "a fan of BYOD".

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"I think you can get yourself into trouble there," Banks told Computing. "A user may well say they‘re going to support BYOD, but will they in reality?

"I'm also very much not a fan of buying devices and giving them away," added Banks. "Not from a financial perspective, more from a control perspective."

Banks continued: "You buy stuff on the basis you want to control it, but the moment you give it away, you've lost control. And I have no qualms – if there was an iPhone that I'd provided, I'd screw it to the floor in terms of security. If it takes 20 minutes to turn on, it takes 20 minutes to turn on; you don't have the right to complain."

Banks' views echo those of Sheffield City Council CIO Paul Green, who recently told Computing that he didn't find BYOD financially or operationally viable.

"You can get into difficult situations with security and flexibility and, certainly for us, the focus is always on the security side of things," said Banks.

Banks is not, however, totally averse to using personal devices at work.

"I've got my iPhone and iPad with Good Technology [providing security] on them," said Banks, "and I might use them to access email even while I'm in the [office] building."

"But my company laptop is my primary method of getting in," Banks continued.

"Augmenting things – no problem at all, but as far as becoming a replacement for your working equipment, I'm not so sure," he concluded.

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